Hotel Room Calisthenics Workout for Travelers

A thorough calisthenics workout is the perfect exercise alternative for busy travelers who find themselves confined to their hotel room, but who want to keep as close as possible to their normal exercise routine. The greatest advantage of workouts centered around calisthenics is that they offer a systematic and efficient regimen without all the bulky equipment that is next to impossible to travel with. You need is to clear out a minimal amount of space right in your hotel room in order to keep building toward that lean, healthy physique. Below are some simple exercises and techniques that can be done on the road.


It’s easy to get so acclimated to cardio machines, such as treadmills and stair-masters, that you forget that they’re actually stationary stand-ins for the activities of running and climbing stairs. There are any number of calisthenics-based exercises that can get the heart pumping and require very little overall movement. Start by jogging briskly in place for 5 to 10 minutes and follow this up by a set of 30-40 jumping jacks. Once you’ve made it through even 2 or 3 of these sets, you’ll find, as long as you’re sustaining a rigorous pace, that your breathing has become very deep and you’re sweating just like you would be on any machine at the gym. Plus, you’ll be able to pump up the air conditioning if necessary to cool down.


Sit-ups and crunches offer the best overall ab workout inside and outside of the gym. You can lie down on the floor and elevate your legs onto your room’s desk chair, and then raise your head and shoulders toward your knees in order to do crunches. You can also place your feet under the bureau and do regular sit-ups. Either way, you’ll definitely be feeling the burn in your middle and lower abs, and without the need of any extra equipment.

Arms, Chest and Shoulders

Typically, in order to build muscle mass, you’d need to include some kind of weight resistance to your program. However, you can easily tone muscle and even build some mass by using your own body weight as resistance. Push-ups are the most straightforward method to working your upper body without the aid of machines or freeweights, and all you need is a narrow stretch of floor space.

There are also several variations to the straightforward push-up. You can lower your hands in relation to your chest in order to put more pressure on your pectorals, or you can widen your arms in order to give your outer chest more of a workout. Easy “desk chair dips” can also be performed. Simply face away from the chair, placing your hands on the seat. Then, bending both your knees and elbows, raise your body so that your arms straighten at the elbow. Or, if the chair is sturdy enough, you can simply sit down and use the arms of the chair to lift yourself up.

More frequent traveling is becoming a part of more and more jobs, so it’s useful to know that you can bring methods and techniques with you in order to maintain your workout regimen, even on the road. Calisthenics provides a perfect stopgap that allows you to maintain your fitness routine.


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