Hoodia Weight Loss Pill – A Review You Can Trust

You might have heard by now about Hoodia Weight Loss Pill.  If you are wondering what it really is, here is a review you can trust that explains the facts about this pill. As with any diet pill that you plan to take, you should research the product as much as possible.

What is Hoodia?

First the basics: you should understand where something comes from before ingesting it for any purpose.  There are lots of false reports that state Hoodia is a type of cactus plant.  In fact, Hoodia is a succulent plant. 

Hoodia Godonii is a certain type of Hoodia plant, and the only one that contains the active ingredient p57, which seems to be the ingredient that suppresses the appetite. 

Hoodia Godonii grows only in the South African desert and has been used by San Bushman people for thousands of years.  Of course, they did not use it as an appetite suppressant, but did eat it when they went on long hunts and were without food. 

Why is Hoodia in Demand?

The San Bushman people of the Kalahari Desert have ingested Hoodia Godonii for so long (with supposedly no side effects), it is now being touted as the safest weight loss pill.  There was also a demand for something safe to use after ephedra was banned and labeled dangerous.

In today’s society, everyone wants a quick fix, an immediate result, so it’s no wonder that the diet pill industry is booming more than ever.  With Hoodia Godonii seeming like the miracle quick fix, it’s also no wonder that it is at the top of the boom.

Where Do You Get it?

There are literally thousands of websites and stores that carry diet pills claiming to be the ‘genuine’ Hoodia Godonii weight loss pill.  Actually, the same claim can be found on powder, liquid, and tea forms. 

You must very careful if you decide to try Hoodia Godonii and be vigilant about reading the ingredient list.  If there are other things listed besides the Hoodia, then it is probably full of fillers.  There are also a large percentage of pills that claim to have Hoodia Godonii in them, and they contain none at all. 

Some brands you may want to consider are Desert Burn, Hoodoba, and Hoodia Hoodia.

Side Effects

So far there have been no reported harmful side effects reported by users.  However, you must keep in mind that there have been no extensive and long term research studies done on this weight loss pill, and it is not FDA approved.  Therefore, it is important to remember that there are still risks involved if you choose to use Hoodia Godonii. 

Overall, it is something that would be worth trying as part of a healthy weight loss program that includes nutritious meals and regular exercise.


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  • Suzanne Barnett

    FYI – The information in this article is not entirely correct. Unilever has spent more than $20 Million dollars over the last four years developing hoodia gordonii into a product that they expected to market in foods and beverages. Unilever is well known for their Slim-Fast weight loss product.

    Unilever has dropped their hoodia program after their safety and efficiency trials proved disastrous results. The use of hoodia gordonii was shown to have dangerous side effects including increased blood pressure, and had no significant effect on the calorie consumption of the participants.

    It’s neither safe nor effective.

    Phytopharm has also stated that they have tested many products that claim to contain the active ingredient in hoodia gordonii and found none that could fulfill their claims.

    Hoodia Gordonii has only been shown to reduce appetite when consumed as a large (4 inch) piece of the fresh plant. It is illegal to export Hoodia Gordonii as a weight loss product.