Holiday Eating: How to Enjoy without Overeating

Holiday eating is one of the most enjoyable parts of celebrating the holidays. However, if you’re someone who is conscious about her waistline, then it’s also probably one of the most stressful holiday events for you. After all, it is no secret that a lot of people tend to pack on pounds during the holidays. If you want to enjoy the holidays without putting on extra weight, these guidelines might be helpful.

Don’t Skip Meals before A Party

With Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year in full swing, it’s a sure thing that you will be attending parties left and right for several weeks. One of the things you can do to avoid holiday weight gain is to make sure that you don’t attend parties when you’re hungry. If you are attending a party later in the evening, don’t skip breakfast or lunch so you can eat as much as you want during the party. Make sure that you have a well-balanced breakfast and lunch. You can also prepare yourself by having a light and healthy snack before going to the party. When you attend a party on an empty stomach, you increase the chances of overeating.

Eat Smaller Portions

Just because you’re trying to watch your weight this holiday doesn’t mean that you should deprive yourself of your favorite treats. Forbidding yourself from eating your favorite foods will not only dampen your holiday spirit, but might also tempt you to binge later on. Allow yourself to indulge in your favorite treats, but make sure you keep the portions in control. Start with small helpings and stop eating when you’ve satisfied your craving, not when you’re already full.

Avoid Food Trimmings

Some of the sources of excess calories during the holiday seasons are the trimmings that you add to your food. For instance, do you bathe your roast turkey with gravy, slather your bread rolls with butter or top your beverages with whipped cream? If so, you’re adding more calories to the foods you eat. Go easy on condiments, flavorings and side dishes and you will save yourself from extra calories.

Don’t Sample Everything on the Buffet

When you are faced with a buffet full of scrumptious-looking dishes, it’s easy to feel obliged to sample each and every one. Needless to say, this decision can cause you to overeat. Instead, focus only on your favorite foods and ignore the rest. Indulge in the foods that are usually served only during the holidays. Ignore the dishes that you can eat all year long. Keeping your food choices minimal is not only better for your digestion, but will even allow you to indulge without worry.

Enjoy Other Holiday Activities

Celebrating the holidays is not just about stuffing yourself with your favorite foods. To avoid overeating this holiday season, encourage your family and friends to enjoy other holiday activities that are not related to food. For instance, go ice skating or sledding with your family, teach your kids to build snowmen or enroll in a dance class with your friends.


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