Hip Hop Abs: Urban Edge to Exercising

There are dozens of Workout DVDs available that promise great results, but which of them work? Watching perfect abdominals at work in a video can be motivating for some, and sheer stressful for others because most people strive all their lives to get the perfect beach body.

Shawn T and Beachbody.com have devised a fitness program that is easy to use at home and burns off fat effectively. They named it Hip Hop Abs. The promise of the Hip Hop Abs program is to get your body into the ideal fat burning zone using energetic hip hop moves. Hip Hop Abs is available to purchase as a separate Workout DVD or as part of the program with Beachbody.com. The Hip Hop Abs program is more expensive than purchasing the DVD alone.

The Workout

Shawn T and Beachbody.com have worked together to design four fun advanced workouts–only 13 minutes in length–that gets the body into the perfect fat burning zone. Hip Hop Abs also aims to teach you how to eat correctly, and the Workout DVD gives you sound nutritional advise.

For anyone who is aiming to lose weight, finding the correct workout is one of the most important steps. With the hundreds of workout DVDs available today, Hip Hop Abs allows you to work at your own pace and burn fat in the process doing something fun and enjoyable. In order to lose weight, the heart rate needs to remain high. The energetic hip hop routines contained in Hip Hop Abs give you all the motivation and nutritional resources to help you achieve a lean sexy body in record time.

The Promise

There are hundreds of workout DVDs that promise to give you rock hard abdominals. Most of them promise a lean sculpted body if you follow a calorie controlled diet. Hip Hop Abs is much the same. It promises to give you lean flat sexy abs without having to perform any painful sit-ups or neck-aching crunches. But sit-ups alone cannot sculpt a perfect physique. This is where the nutrition part of the Hip Hop Abs comes in. In order to lose fat off all areas of the body, the body needs to take in adequate nutrition. It also needs to do a series of bodyweight training and cardiovascular training to burn off fat. The Hip Hop Abs program promises to be fun and effective, so it may not seem like a weight loss and get-fit program. If you want to just focus on cardio to burn off fat then try the cardio portion of the Workout DVD, which teaches you moves that are fun. Hip Hop Abs also contains an advanced program for sculpting the abdominals without sit-ups or crunches.

Get Killer Abdominals

Included in the Hip Hop Abs program is a system that uses both cardio and toning exercises for the body that helps to burn off fat and reveal lean muscle in all areas of the body, including the abdominals. Many individuals forget about how important our abdominals are and why it is essential to keep them strong to prevent future back problems. Any type of exercise, whether belly dancing, Hip Hop Abs, or basic crunches, work the upper, lower abdominals, and side (obliques).


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