Healthy Kitchen: What Should Be in Your Fridge

Every healthy kitchen relies on a fridge that’s stocked with all the necessary ingredients to create tasty, healthful and easy meals at the drop of a hat. Without having the right ingredients on hand, it’s hard to make healthy choices when hunger strikes. Instead of stocking up on macaroni and cheese and frozen burritos, consider these affordable, tasty and healthy staples for your refrigerator.


Whether you make your own healthy salsa from scratch or you prefer to purchase it at the store, salsa is an excellent staple to keep in your fridge at home. It can be used for a number of things in addition to acting as a tasty dip. Salsa makes a great salad dressing, sandwich spread and baked potato topper. It’s also perfect for mixing with fresh avocado to make a quick, tasty guacamole.

Soy, Rice, Almond or Hemp Milk

Soy milk has a place in every healthy kitchen because it can replace fattening cow’s milk in recipes and in cereals. Anything that can be done with cow’s milk can be done with milk made from soy, rice, almonds or hemp but without all the added calories and cholesterol. Consider using these milks in cookies, cakes, breads, cereals and in fruit smoothies to make a creamy consistency.

Oil Free Italian Dressing

Italian dressing isn’t only good on salads, but it makes a great base for soups, pastas and stir fry meals. The seasonings in Italian dressing can help dress up potato and pasta salads so the mayonnaise can be omitted, making these favorites a healthy choice any day of the year. Other oil free dressings like berry vinaigrettes and shoyu sauce can be a fun way to create new dishes. Consider creating your own by mixing together balsamic vinegar with spicy brown mustard, chopped garlic and basil to taste.

Whole Wheat Tortillas

Whole wheat tortillas are an exemplary addition to a healthy kitchen. They are a good source of fiber to help you feel full and satisfied between meals, and are versatile enough to round out any kind of food. They make great wraps for lunch and burritos for dinner, while they can be fried and drizzled with maple syrup for dessert. Tortillas can also be used in place of bulky bread to keep calories down throughout the day.


You’ll find that eggs are an excellent choice when stocking a healthy kitchen. They’re full of protein and you can even find eggs that are fortified with essential omega 3 fatty acids. Not only will they keep you full until lunch when you serve them up at breakfast, but they can be boiled and added to salads, turned into deviled eggs and mixed with tuna fish for sandwiches. Eliminating the yolks from the eggs before cooking them will cut down on the cholesterol and calorie intake of your meals, so eggs can be a healthy addition to anyone’s diet.


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