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healthy handfuls organic snacks Not all dieters give up snack crackers or other nibbles while losing weight. 100-Calorie snack packs have become very popular among calorie counters, and include treats such as reduced fat Oreo cookies, potato chips, and cheese crackers. I’ll bet some of you pack them in your kid’s lunch bag so they have a healthier dessert. They can be a good way to have a controlled snack, but they still contain questionable ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated fats that make us cringe. We found an alternative that made us cluck!

Sisters Gwen Solberg and Debbie Reynolds, both are also moms, created a healthier organic snack cracker called Healthy Handfuls. They are designed for kids, but are perfect for you if you usually include this type of snack in your diet. They offer several varieties such as Cheddar Cheese Lucky Duckies, Lemon Vanilla Koala Crackers, and whole wheat Chocolate Chip Chimpies. The Lucky Duckies taste like Pepperidge Farm’s Goldfish crackers, but they won’t leave your fingers slippery from fat. The Koala Crackers remind me of animal crackers, but taste lemony and lightly sweetened. You can taste the whole wheat goodness in the Chimpies!

The ingredients are organic and all natural. You won’t find corn syrup, preservatives, or artificial colors in them. They are available in regular boxes as well as individual bags that are portion controlled and just right to satisfy a craving. Each packet contains between 100 and 120 calories, depending on the variety. Portion control is very important to dieters, and so is avoiding junk food. An apple or some raw veggies and hummus would make a better snack. But if your diet plan incorporates chips and sweets, try Healthy Handfuls for a step up in quality that still satisfies. They were made for kids, but you’ll like them, too.

Learn more about Healthy Handfuls at their website
You can buy them at Amazon at very low prices!


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