Healthy Easter Dinner Ideas

The name of the game when it comes to healthy Easter Dinner fare is Springtime. Choose light and fresh spring dishes, even if it means neglecting old heavy and preserved standards.

The Meat of It

Ham is the traditional meat of choice for Easter. However, it may not be your choice for a healthy diet. There are many options to replace or modify ham in your Easter dinner. If you  love ham, try reducing the amount. A spring stew made with ham, apples and potatoes will greatly reduce the fat and sodium that ham by itself adds to your diet. Another option is to go with a less fattening meat altogether. Try roasted salmon with lemon and dill sauce, or individual game hens stuffed with wild rice for all your guests. Be creative with your holiday meats. Keep satisfaction and flavor, but lose the calories.

Vegetables Front and Center

If you’re trying to change your eating habits to a healthier model, vegetables should be a big part of that change. There is no reason meat should be the focus of your holiday meal with all the fresh and delicious vegetables available year round. Let the centerpiece of your meal be a broccoli and goat cheese souffle, or a mushroom and leek galette. Maybe a flavorful and creamy spinach quiche, made with low fat soft cheeses and half the egg yolks. The options are endless to improve the quality of your holiday meal if you think outside the traditional Easter “basket”.

The unhealthy attributes of your holiday meal come from what you make it with. Fatty meats, heavy creams and cheeses and loads of sugar for dessert all spell disaster for a healthy diet. It’s important to understand that even if these foods are what you’re used to, they aren’t necessary for a good meal. Don’t be afraid to modify, and don’t be afraid to try something entirely new. Easter dinner is what you make of it.


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