Healthy Choice New Natural Frozen Meals

The frozen diet dinner market is filled with McProcessed foods that barely pass as edible, and low calorie counts take priority over the quality of ingredients. We haven’t had much luck with Healthy Choice dinners in the past, with experiences ranging from off flavors to chunks of plastic hidden under the pasta. Could their new All Natural line be a turning point?

healthy choice mealMy experience with frozen dinners usually falls in to one of two categories. “Natural” or “diet”. I have to say that when I first tried my Mediterranean Pasta entree from healthy Choice, that I had to look back at the box to make sure it really did fall in to the ‘diet’ category. It is indeed 360 calories of delicious, real food. A diet dinner where all of the ingredients came from the earth! It’s also refreshing to see that Healthy Choice is stretching their wings even further and using ingredients like red rice, fontina cheese, quinoa and amaranth. The impressive ingredient list results in a delicious ‘real’ flavor. It’s a savory orzo and white bean entree that is scattered with the perfect amount of sweetness from cranberries and diced apples. The different textures and flavor combinations work with each other to satisfy exactly what your mouth wants.

I couldn’t resist trying the Pumpkin Squash Ravioli. The ravioli were filled with a sweet pumpkin and ricotta filling, sweetened with honey and brown sugar. They were served with chunks of butternut squash and asparagus tips. The mixture was coated in a savory, yet slightly sweet sauce with an apple and wine base. The asparagus was a little too done for my taste, but overall it was a delicious meal with real flavor.

Other available varieties include Asian Pot Stickers, Portabella Spinach Parmesan, Portabella Masala, and Tomato Basil Penne. Most are vegetarian, which is always a better way to go. Even though meat wasn’t listed in the description, we noticed the ingredient label for the Portabella Spinach Parmesan included chicken meat at the very end of the list of ingredients.

Everything tasted good, and we didn’t find any faux-foods or non-foods on our plates. We’re looking forward to trying the other new varieties and hope other diet meal brands will continue the trend.


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  • Susie

    I am working my way through the menu and I have to say I’m really impressed. The sweet Asian pot stickers have crushed red peppers mixed in, so that was a painful surprise, but so far everything has been really really good!

  • Kimberly

    I am 5’1. On March 1st, I weighed 192 pounds and today (April 29th) I currently weigh 163 pounds. My weight lost was not just these meals, but I must admit that the start of my diet–path to healthy eating it took a couple of weeks for me to realize what proper portion size reallly was. It took me a couple of weeks to figure out how many calories I should have in a meal, or an entire day. So, the portions in these meals are what they should be, but if like me you were use to over eating these meals will help you portion your meals until you can get a hold of yourself and measure correctly. You cannot lose weight by not eating, you cannot lose weight by eating large portions. After eating these meals I started to find within a few days I felt less and less hungry after dinner. My stomach was shrinking down to a normal size and it was making me less hungry.

    I am still on the weight lost path…walking 3 miles on the treadmill 7 days a week and occasionally replacing a home cooked meal with one of these. These healthy choice meals are a heck of a lot healthier than those weight lost shakes. At least with these meals you are eating, and these meals have the exact same calories as those shakes. So, you can starve yourself with a shake or eat a meal with a dessert…your choice. I don’t swear by any product, but I will say that losing 29 pounds in 9 weeks is a beautiful thing! So, I am trying to lose another 28 in the next 9 weeks and see what happens! πŸ™‚


  • The Fat Dietitian

    I tried the pumpkin ravioli yesterday and was impressed. I stocked up on a bunch of these entrees while they were on sale recently. πŸ˜€

  • Sisi

    Oh, I tried the Butternut Squash ravioli. I could barely get two bites down… It was terrible, too sweet…. more like dessert than lunch.
    Maybe they are low fat, but they are also teeny portions and the sugar content is over the top.

  • Rebecca

    I love their new line of entrees. In the past Healthy Choice was one of those brands whose frozen foods looked (and tasted) more like dog food. However since they reinvented their brand everything I’ve tried I’ve been impressed with. From what I can tell all their ingredients are fresh, i.e. the baby portabella mushrooms were fresh not canned before they were flash frozen. Very yummy. I would eat these even if I wasn’t dieting. Also some of our local mega stores carry these entrees for $1.68. So for the price and balanced nutrition they are a steal for a healthy, no-prep hot lunch.

  • Carly

    I think most frozen diet meals look and taste like fake food. These meals are the exception to the rule, and are absolutely lifesavers. My favorite is the Penne Marinara with Chicken. I eat it at least once a week, and I look forward to it.

  • Marisela

    The portions are very small. they should consider adding a bit more food on the plate!

  • ConnieLynn

    I am not a fan of frozen meals, but tried this brand after a friend raved about it. The Portabella Masala Pasta is very good and rich with “real” mushrooms. I think the portion size is pretty good for the calorie count (270).

  • Deana

    I agree with the other reviewers, historically I have NOT liked Healthy Choice meals but I decided to try 4 different flavors (can’t remember the exact names but I’ve had the Portobella Mushroom pasta, Spinach Parmesan pasta (? something like that), chicken and bacon, and the pumpkin ravioli…mmm YUM!!! They have all been SO good, the sodium is relatively high like most frozen meals but not as high as some of the others I have tried. I can eat two of these in one day and still stay under my “low” sodium threshold. I am very picky and I have thoroughly enjyoed these meals, they will now be a staple in my freezer!

  • Kathi

    Where can these be purchased – I am in Canada.


    Do you think it’s better to use fresh or frozen foods for weight loss purposes?

  • Samantha

    This healthy choice thing actually makes sense, I am doing the 1-2-3 eating challenge from over on Emotional Brain Training News and this goes along with information Laurel posted to day about The Power of Vegetables.
    Any way, thought others might be interested.

  • Mari Ann

    I always eat healthy foods not fake ones.. You can always lose weight when you want to and I don’t think fake foods are healthy πŸ™‚

  • Colleen

    For those who feel these are too small and might not feel satisfied, try adding a big green salad with light dressing, that what I do and I am quite satisfied.

  • Liz

    This have become my go to food for my work lunches. They taste good and keep me on track.

  • Sarah

    I have added a side salad or other veggies to offset the small portion sizes.

  • Sarah

    I totally agree with “The Other Chick”. I, too cook all of my own food fresh, never frozen. I don’t purchase canned foods of any kind or frozen foods. There’s only ice and homemade soups that are in my freezer. I don’t freeze meat; I purchase it once a week and cook it the same day. After a couple of days if the food isn’t gone, I just freeze the cooked portions, thaw what need and reheat in the toaster oven. That doesn’t happen often, either!

  • Too busy

    I agree that home cooked food is the best way to go, however it seems like you must lead a real nice life to have that kind of time. I work more than full time and am a half time graduate student. I’m lucky if I have time to eat at all, nevermind cook. These meals are unfortunately a savior for some of us who would instead turn to real junk food like cookies and candy. Please don’t talk down to those of us that may not have the luxury of cooking a real meal every night.

  • Bettyann

    I use Health Choice meals. I also saved all the dishes from them. I have about 30 and that allows me to reuse them with home cooked meals. The main reason for this is portion control and convienence. I find I do better cooking 30 meals every 10 days and supplementing them with salad and fruit. I have found the Healthy Choice meals tasty and satifying and the sodium levels make my doctor happy. Gotta go cause I am putting 30 of these babies together today.

  • Kim

    What a great and green idea to save the containers and refill! I, too, am busy and can’t cook every night, but I do have time on the weekends to fill some containers. My mind trick is to not eat out of the containers, they seem so small, but to empty the cooked food onto a dinner plate over top of some spinach. The heat from the cooked meal wilts the spinach, and it takes up the whole plate, plus I’m getting those greens in. Thanks for the great ideas!

  • Mary

    Like the idea of placing spinach on the plate, then putting the hot food over it to wilt the spinach! I too love Healthy Choice meals, my lunch today had 480 mg of sodium, which is a lot lower than canned soups, or homemade soup with buillon, lunch meats, or something like that. I, too, supplement my lunches with a bowl of my favorite steamed veggies with Mrs Dash.. I’m a big eater, and this satisfies me!