Healthy Birthday Ideas for Kids

It’s always fun to celebrate a healthy birthday for kids by planning ahead of time. This is a special occasion for many parents who take pleasure in throwing a birthday party for their kids. Kids love birthday parties that are filled with fun, toys, entertainment and lots of food. Most kids have a sweet tooth; they will usually opt for unhealthy snacks and drinks. As a parent, you can make a healthy choice by serving an abundance of nutritious treats that your kid they will enjoy.

Sugar Free Cake

A birthday party can still be fun even if you choose to eliminate all unhealthy foods. A kid’s birthday party doesn’t necessarily have to consist of refined sugary foods, when there are other foods that are natural and taste just as delicious. Apple Sauce Cakes are delicious, healthy and most importantly, sugar free. You can be creative and even add your kid’s favorite fruit toppings, as a healthy alternative rather than serving unhealthy traditional cakes.

Pomegranate Ice Cream

The most appetizing and healthy ice creams are ones that are homemade. Why not make your own pomegranate ice cream? This way you can control all the ingredients by adding fresh blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and pomegranates, without using sugar. Since fruits naturally contain sugar, there is no need to add more processed sugar when making pomegranate ice cream.

Healthy Drinks

Sugary drinks are located in every store, and it is difficult for children to avoid them. Yogurt juices and fresh fruit can be blended and served as delicious party drinks to kids. Children of all ages love fruit, so they are more likely to enjoy this healthy alternative.   


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