Healthier Substitute Options for Hydrogenated Oils

In today’s health conscious world, people are becoming more and more aware of the dangers of eating foods that are prepared with hydrogenated oils. While hydrogenated oils may make foods taste great, they can lead to the development of a number of dangerous conditions. This article discusses some great options that can be used as alternative to hydrogenated oils.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the healthiest substitutes for hydrogenated oils that you can find. Hydrogenated oils typically have high amounts of saturated fats, which have been found to lead to the development of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and even some types of cancers. In comparison, olive oil contains unsaturated fats, which actually have been found to help fight these conditions. For best results, try to find olive oil that is in its most natural state–that means extra virgin olive oil that is free from added salt or flavorings. While olive oil could once only be found in health food stores, it typically can now be found in the cooking aisle of any local grocery.


Applesauce makes another great alternative to hydrogenated oil for a variety of reasons. First, applesauce contains high amounts of vitamins and minerals, which are essential to both good health and optimal growth. In addition, applesauce is a high source of dietary fiber, which research has found to be effective in both the treatment and prevention of obesity, cardiovascular disease, and certain types of cancers. Be aware that applesauce will typically only work as a substitute for hydrogenated oil during baking–it is not possible to try to fry foods in applesauce!


Tofu makes another great substitute for hydrogenated oils. Tofu is rich in dietary protein, which helps to maintain and promote new muscle growth–and therefore, tofu is a great food for people who are vegetarian or simply are looking for a healthier alternative to traditional protein sources. As with applesauce, tofu will typically only work as an alternative to hydrogenated oils during baking. For best results, it is important to choose the correct type of tofu. Tofu typically comes in a variety of different firmness levels, often ranging from very firm to very soft. Tofu that is very soft will provide you with the best results when substituting it for hydrogenated oils.


Finally, if you are looking for a great substitute for hydrogenated oil, you may want to give yogurt a try. Like tofu, yogurt is a great source of dietary protein–but also contains high amounts of calcium, which help to keep teeth and bones strong and healthy. For best results, use yogurt that is made from low or nonfat milk. This will provide you with fewer fat grams and added calories. If you feel that the yogurt is too thick, you may want to consider adding a small amount of milk, and mixing until thoroughly combined.


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