Health, Wellness, Fitness: Balancing The Body, Mind, Soul

Health, wellness, fitness: all the elements of life that must work together in order to have balance.  A truly balanced life includes a fit and healthy body, an active and aware mind, and a peaceful and generous soul.  If just one of these elements is not in sync, it can cause havoc.  And so the question becomes, how do I achieve this balance?


Unfortunately, when our lives become imbalanced, it is usually our health that is the first to suffer.  Many women tend to show this imbalance by over eating, which creates weight gain (which creates more stress, which leads to more over eating). You can see that it becomes a vicious cycle that is hard to stop.

Body stress can reveal itself in the form of illness, so it’s important to be aware of your eating habits and how your body holds stress.


Overall, wellness begins with the mind.  How you think, how you react to different life situations, and how you feel about yourself are all elements of what creates a healthy mind.


The soul is what really ties everything together (the deep down core of whom you really are).  If you have pain in your soul, it usually shows  in how you think and react, and depression can lead to illness.


So, how do you manage to keep a good balance?  Balance includes many things, among them:

  • A well-balanced and nutritious diet
  • Regular exercise, including aerobic and strength training
  • Meditation or something that speaks to your soul and renews you


Your diet should be just as balanced as you strive to be.  A low fat, high protein diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables is ideal.  Protein should be eaten in the form of lean cuts of meat, beans, soy, fish, etc.  Include greens in your diet each day.

Add to your diet with supplements that fit your needs.  Add more calcium as you grow older, or if you know that you don’t incorporate enough milk and other dairy products.  A good daily vitamin should include minerals and herbs, as well as the basics.


You have heard time and again (but only because it really is that important), you need to exercise! Whether it is walking around the neighborhood three to four times a week, or joining a gym and doing some bodybuilding, you have to make a plan for moving your body.  It is part of the link in the healthy balance chain.  Plus, once you get into a routine, it feels good.

Soul Food

Trying meditation, or some other form of soul enriching activity, is also key in the balancing act of your life.  Figure out what it is that nourishes your soul, and schedule it into your day or your week (or whatever it takes).

Find ways to connect to other people; relationships are important, and they give us the connection and support that we need to stay healthy.


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