Health Benefits of Oregano Supplements

When you’re looking at different ways to boost your health with natural herbal supplements, you might be surprised to know about the many ways that people use oregano supplements in their diets. This simple green herb actually has a lot of helpful health properties, and though some of its health benefits may be a little more obscure than those of known super foods like garlic or broccoli, a little research will show how this plant can help you beat all kinds of common ailments.

Antiviral Properties

Oregano is an antiviral, which makes it useful in treating some common seasonal virus conditions. Oregano is just one of the home remedy alternatives to buying cold medicine at your local pharmacy. Like other plant foods including garlic, oregano works as an antiviral agent against harmful attacks on the body from virus microbes that want to break down your natural defenses.

Digestive Properties

Specific elements in oregano help with digestion. Just like other herbs, such as parsley, ingesting some oregano can help with a mild stomach ache. Just a few drops of oregano oil or a carefully prepared supplement can help soothe some gastric difficulties.

Heals Skin and Gums

As a topical application, the oils in oregano can help promote good health for the skin and gums. Applying the solution might help with conditions like eczema, or sore and inflamed gum areas.


Like a whole lot of other green plants, the oregano plant also has its share of antioxidants. These health boosters combat the development of “free radicals” and prevent oxidization, an aging process in the body. Antioxidants are widely known to be effective in fighting some kinds of cancers, as well as heart disease and other degenerative conditions. The antioxidants in oregano and other plants are most powerful when the plants are fresh, but you can find some of this health value in supplements as well.


Oregano is a source of minerals like iron, manganese and calcium that are helpful to the body in different ways. You can get these through “fortified” foods, through supplements, or through fresh greens and other plant foods. Getting your fill of the recommended range of vitamins and minerals helps to optimize all of your body processes and ward off many different illnesses.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Scientists are now saying that this specific kind of fatty acid is helpful for balancing the body’s chemistry and providing good heart health. Oregano is also a source of the Omega-3 fatty acids for long term longevity and quality of life.

Look at all of the above benefits when you are selecting green herbs and supplements for use in your diet to combat existing health conditions or prevent others. This green plant provides an excellent example of how nature has actually provided humans with what they need to stay healthy, even though many of us now rely almost exclusively on formulated pills and pharmaceutical cures.


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