Health Benefits of Chocolate

The health benefits of chocolate are numerous, and affect both the physical body, as well as the mental and emotional state of well-being. To obtain the maximum amount of benefits from chocolate, opt for a darker chocolate that contain at least 70 percent cacao, as these are less processed and do not contain as many unhealthy fats and sugars. One hundred grams per day is all you need to obtain all the health benefits that chocolate has to offer.

Reduce Stress

Dark chocolate is rich with tryptopha,n which changes into serotonin, melatonin and other feel-good hormones. These can help you to sleep better, reduce stress and may even help you to overcome depression and social anxiety. They can also help to decrease physical and emotional pain.

Prevent Diseases

Chocolate is also high in essential minerals and vitamins which help to boost your immune system. It is high in antioxidants, which help to get rid of harmful free radicals that build up in your body over time. Studies have shown that free radicals are the number one cause of aging, and can cause many diseases such as cancer.

Dark chocolate is also good for the heart ,as it helps to reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol.


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