Health Benefits of a Colonic Massage

Massage carries a number of benefits. Massages reduce stress, lower blood pressure and can improve mood. A colonic massage is a massage that acts on the intestinal tract, and it can strengthen the colon, relieve constipation and detoxify the body. Here’s what you should know about colonic massage and its health benefits.

Colonic Massage Explained

A colonic massage is basically a deep tissue abdominal massage. Starting at the bottom right corner of your rib cage, the colonic massage therapist will firmly massage your abdomen, using circular motions. The therapist will proceed across your abdomen, along the base of your ribs, and then down the other side, across your lower abdomen, and back up again, in concentric circles, until the entire abdomen has been massaged.

The Benefits of Colonic Massage

The benefits of colonic massage are similar to those of colon cleansing. Colonic massage helps relieve constipation, since it stimulates, strengthens and tones the muscles of your colon. Colonic massage also stimulates your illeocecal valve, which is the valve between your small and large intestine. The illeocecal valve allows solid waste to move from your small intestine into the colon, where it can be safely excreted. Stimulating this valve helps ensure that solid waste products are excreted in a timely fashion, so that toxins don’t build up in your body.

Colonic massage can help soothe digestive problems, like irritable bowel syndrome. It can relieve bloating, gas, abdominal pain and constipation. Enjoying a regular colonic massage can relieve fatigue and make you feel healthier and more energized; colonic massage can even clear up acne and lead to healthier, more youthful looking skin. Like colon cleansing, colonic massage can help your colon clear itself of fecal build up, which leads to greater overall health and vitality and can help prevent colon cancer.

Performing Your Own Colonic Massages

You don’t need to go to a professional colonic massage therapist to receive a colonic massage. You can easily and safely massage your own colon at home. You’ll need a place where you can lie down, and you’ll need some massage oil.

Apply the massage oil to your abdomen before beginning the massage. Start with your fingers on the right side of your abdomen, at the base of the ribs, near the appendix.

Use firm, but gentle, pressure and move your fingers in a circular motion, clockwise, toward the ribcage. Once you reach the ribcage, move your fingers across the abdomen (remembering to massage with circular motions) under the ribs until you reach your left side. Once you’ve reached your left side, move down toward the lower abdomen, massaging all the while. Massage across the lower abdomen and then back up to where you began; continue the massage in concentric circles until you’ve massaged your entire abdomen. 

You may gradually increase the amount of pressure you apply during the massage until you reach your maximum comfort level. Pay attention to any tender spots and use less pressure there. Your massage should last 15 to 20 minutes. Afterward, drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins.


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