Hazelnuts as Cancer Medication?

Hazelnuts have shown some potential benefits that tie in with the reduction of some types of cancers. However, no conclusive evidence was found in multiple studies, making the food item only a possible helper and not a permanent solution.

Background Information

The main cause for interest lies in the phytochemicals and phytosterol contained within each serving size of foods like hazelnuts. Scientists, cancer organizations and cancer patients alike share common interest and equal hope that a possible cancer prevention mechanism like nuts truly exists.

However, the Food and Drug Administration has declared that no absolute evidence has resulted from controlled scientific researches regarding foods like hazelnuts and cancers. The FDA did claim that the phytosterols found in foods helps reduce the risk of heart diseases, cholesterol and saturated fat storages. A one ounce serving of hazelnuts contains around 28 mg of the valuable plant provided chemical compounds. The FDA spotted improvements in health with consumptions of only a few grams each day, making hazelnuts a huge source for your body.


Hazelnuts and other nut varieties contain these beneficial compounds naturally. They have not yet gained any official label as an essential nutrient like some vitamins and minerals; however, certain varieties like phytosterols definitively increased health benefits in some tests.

Other plants like tomatoes contain phytochemicals such as lycopene, a better known nutrient which sometimes gets added to multi-vitamin supplements. You will continue to see a growth in interest circulating the importance of phytochemicals largely because they remain widely available through natural plant products. This helps food scientists to better analyze data and determine factual results through more testing.

As a possible cancer medication, hazelnuts did show minor positive results in some tests, and absolutely none in others. The conflicting results ultimately make the food choice only a possible guide in cancer risk reduction.

Other Health Benefits

Although no conclusive cancer prevention exists, eating a healthy diet rich in nutritionally dense foods serves as a prevention technique in itself. When your body receives a well balanced diet from a variety of food sources, like hazelnuts, your immune system helps fend off common sicknesses, your metabolic functions help convert food into energy, and you become much less of a candidate for serious health risks.

Hazelnuts alone do not provide enough nutrients to independently defeat cancer, stop heart attacks, or make you lose the weight that you want, but they do in fact allow for a better level of overall well being.

Hazelnuts provide a large amount of healthy unsaturated fats known to lower bad cholesterol levels, while improving overall heart health. Some believe that this process alone puts you in a better protective state against possible diseases like certain types of cancer.

The nuts also pack a variety of helpful vitamins and minerals with every serving, offering your body a working set of tools to boost regular functions and maintenance. The Vitamin E in hazelnuts acts as a powerful antioxidant, which some say helps in the elimination of free radicals in the body. These small particles have links with some diseases and possibly even cancer.


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