Hate the Gym? Serious Cardio Workouts for Home

Going to the gym for cardio work can be inconvenient.  However, there are alternatives. You can get a very effective cardio workout in your own home; keep reading to discover how:

Major Equipment

There are a few “major” pieces of cardio equipment that may be appropriate for you. While these are not inexpensive options, they provide a great cardio workout.

You might want to consider a treadmill, stationary bicycle, elliptical trainer or stairmaster.  These pieces of equipment offer a comprehensive cardio workout. Those who primarily use one of these pieces of equipment in a gym, may want to consider the investment.


A rower is also a more expensive piece of equipment, yet extremely effective.  Along with the heavy bag, a rower provides cardio and strength training benefits.  Also, a rower does not provide high-impact exercise.  It is very easy on one’s knees and lower body tissue.

Aerobic DVDs

Aerobic DVDs offer a great cardio workout for a low price.  Perfect for those with little time, DVDs offer an interactive cardio workout.  If you prefer guided exercise, this may be right for you.

There are also many different types of aerobic DVDs.  For instance, you will need to consider if you want something which is directed towards dance movements, aerobic boxing or step workouts. If these don’t suit your fancy, you may want to go with something that involves basic movements for cardio.  At any rate, aerobic DVDs are an effective and inexpensive option.

Heavy Bag

The heavy bag represents an effective and inexpensive cardio workout.  It also allows you to strength train at the same time, which is rare for most pieces of exercise equipment.  More basic heavy bags can be purchased for under $50, while higher-end heavy bags will generally be in the $60 to $100 price range.

When you do heavy bag work, make sure you know how to properly punch, to avoid injuries. Aim for periods of continual cardio work, because when you grow accustomed to longer exercise periods, you will find your cardio endurance improve greatly.

For a more intense workout, learn basic kicks so that you can practice kickboxing on your heavy bag.  Integrating a number of kicks into your combinations will work your legs and increase the difficulty of your workout.  You can even measure your workout period based on the number of combinations.  Soon you will able to perform certain combinations 50 or 100 times, which will greatly help your cardio ability.  The heavy bag offers significant variety and benefits to your home workout options.

Jump Rope

As one of most inexpensive solutions for a home cardio workout, a jump rope is still an effective piece of equipment. You can jump rope in many places in your house. With programs and different ways to jump rope, it will provide versatility and excitement to your home workout.


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