Handling Pregnancy With A Diabetic Diet

If you are one of the 3% to 5% of women diagnosed with gestational diabetes, you will want to follow a pregnancy diabetic diet to maintain your blood sugar and ensure the health of your baby. Your eating patterns are more important than ever now, and you want to be sure to keep your blood glucose under control, as well as get adequate nutrition for your growing baby.

Steps to Creating a Diabetic Diet

Below are steps to devising a healthy diabetic diet during your pregnancy:

  1. Meet with your doctor to discuss your personalized meal plan that will be focused on helping you maintain normal blood glucose levels. Ask any questions you may have, and be sure you are clear on what foods are appropriate for you to eat (and portion control).
  2. Begin avoiding sugar and all foods that are high in sugar. These will create unnecessary and harmful spikes in your blood sugar.
  3. Choose complex carbohydrates, including vegetables, grains, cereals, beans, peas and other starchy foods. These take longer to break down in your body and do not cause such rises in your blood sugar.
  4. Place emphasis on foods that are high in fiber in your diet, and choose foods that are low in fat.
  5. Eat bedtime snacks that contain both protein and complex carbohydrates to encourage your body to maintain a constant level of blood sugar.

Eat Regularly

Along with these steps, it is important to eat 3 meals a day with several snacks throughout the day. By eating meals at the same time each day, with the generally the same amount of carbohydrates and calories, you can help to keep your blood sugars even throughout the day and regulate your body’s systems naturally.

Choosing your foods wisely and eating a well-balanced diet is of utmost importance after a gestational diabetes diagnosis. Plan your meals and follow a healthy diet to keep yourself healthy while pregnant and beyond.



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