Guilty Pleasures: Junk Food that You Can Enjoy

The key to enjoying junk food in your diet while remaining healthy is typically the portion size that you eat. Junk foods are generally considered to be foods that have a high calorie, fat or sodium content without providing you with a good balance of healthy nutrients and minerals.

Fortunately, there are some types of junk food that you may be able to include in your diet while still remaining healthy. As with all other foods, however, it’s crucial that you plan to have only a certain limited portion of each of those foods. You should therefore be well aware of the serving size and nutritional information for any of the junk food that you’re interested in including in your diet before you decide to eat it.


Certain types of crackers are actually quite healthy. If you’re interested in eating crackers as part of your diet, you should be sure to include ones that have healthy nutrients and good ingredients. Look for products that do not have any added sodium or salt. Typically, unflavored crackers are generally better than flavored ones in this regard. Additionally, baked crackers are often much better than fried ones or crackers that are made in some other way. Finally, the choice of the dip that you eat with your crackers can also play an important role in determining how healthy they are.


Many types of chips are now available in baked versions as opposed to the usual fried ones. These chips provide the same texture and flavor that you’ll love from regular chips, but they are actually better for you because of the way in which they’re prepared. By baking the chips instead of frying them, the manufacturers leave out a fair amount of the fat and salt that is typically included in the chip when it’s fried.


Certain types of candy may actually be relatively healthy for you. Avoid candies that are made from standard sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Rather, choose fruit based candies and unsweetened candies that are flavored using natural sweeteners only. As always, moderating your portion size is another great way to make sure that you don’t overeat or that the junk food doesn’t take over the rest of your diet.

Frozen Yogurt

If you enjoy ice cream as a junk food snack, you may find that frozen yogurt is a great way to get the same types of flavors and textures into your diet without running the risk of including heavy amounts of fat and sugar. Choose frozen yogurt for lower calorie doses and other health benefits, but be aware that frozen yogurt is not as healthy still as some other types of food that you could substitute in.

Explore your supermarket to find other alternatives for junk foods that you can try. Fruits and vegetables are great choices to substitute in for a standard junk food.


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