Got Peanut Allergies? 5 Foods to Avoid

There are many cases of peanut allergies recorded in the United States. The extent of this allergy ranges from mild to potentially fatal. As the name implies, this kind of allergy occurs when you are exposed to peanuts and other related products. The immune system tends to produce symptom-causing chemicals which trigger the allergic reactions.

There are several instances that can trigger peanut allergy: direct contact, cross contact and inhalation. If you have a peanut allergy, any direct contact with peanuts or foods that contain peanuts will definitely elicit allergic reactions. Likewise, you may also suffer from allergic reactions when the food consumed gets exposed to peanuts or other related products during handling or processing (cross contact). Inhalation of dust and aerosols with peanut residues or components can also prompt allergic reactions. In order to prevent any health complications and severe reactions, it’s important for you to be wary of possible allergens. In this case, it’s essential to identify which foods and other related products should be avoided. Here is a list of five foods that should be avoided.

Soy Milk

Recent research reveals that soy milk can also trigger the same reaction as peanuts (skin creases and rashes). Experts say that the body’s response to soy milk may be a condition of cross reaction. Cross reaction refers to the body’s tendency to react similarly when comparable stimulants are introduced. In this case, since soy is a legume, the body reacts to it in almost the same way as it would react to peanuts.

Deli Meats

Deli meats, such as mortadella ,contain peanuts. Often, mortadella is fried or browned with the use of peanut oil. Other types of deli meats that should be avoided include: bologna, beerwurst, olive loaf, pepper loaf, capocolla, chicken roll, chicken breast and corned beef. 

Sun Flower Seed Butter

Sun flower seed butter is often processed with the same equipment used in the production of other tree nuts. It might be best to contact the manufacturer to make sure that the seed butter is not exposed to any peanut residue.

Egg Rolls

Egg roll recipes usually include the use of peanut butter. Since it is originally a product of Asian cuisine, it is also highly likely that it is fried in peanut oil. The combination of peanut oil and peanut butter in egg rolls are extremely risky for people who have peanut allergies.

Foods with HPP and HVP

There are several food products manufactured with Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (HVP) or Hydrolyzed Plant Protein (HPP). HPP and HVP are used as flavor enhancers. They come in different varieties such as broth cubes. From time to time, peanuts are used to manufacture both HVP and HPP, so it’s best to be on the lookout for such ingredients. Some food products containing HPP and HVP include bouillon products and potato chips.





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