Going Vegan with a Skinny Bitch as your Guide

Maybe you’ve heard about Skinny Bitch and want to be one, or maybe you’re nice but you just want to be skinny. Either way, if you want to be a Skinny Bitch, you have to go vegan.

What Is Vegan?

Vegan is the new vegetarian. Vegan diets exclude all animal products. That means no red meat, poultry, fish, dairy or egg products. Some strict vegans also omit honey from their diets.

Why Vegan?

The Skinny Bitch diet calls for recruits to abstain from all animal products in an effort to cut out a good amount of fat, all cholesterol and late-night trips to McDonald’s. With McDonald’s out of the equation, Skinny Bitch dieters are almost forced to consume antioxidant-rich foods like fruits and vegetables. Followers of the Skinny Bitch diet should try to include a good variety of plant food to give their bodies all the nutrients needed for optimum health. Vegan junk food does exist, so try to keep it to a minimum. Maybe treat yourself to a few vegan cookies, or some coconut milk ice cream at the end the week as a reward for eating smart.

Common Sense

Aside from feeling healthy, a vegan Skinny Bitch diet guarantees a body to match. The diet requires getting informed about nutrition and using your head. Fad diets and quick-fixes won’t give you the results you’re looking for. A true lifestyle change is required to keep you looking and feeling great for life. That lifestyle change includes re-thinking how you eat. No meat, dairy or eggs, reduce alcohol consumption, stop smoking and drinking soda, and get off the couch, get outside and start exercising.

Carbs Are Your friend

With no meat, dairy or eggs, a Skinny Bitch needs carbs – but beware of “bad” carbs. A deeper look into the science of nutrition will tell you that there are two types of carbs: simple and complex. Simple carbs will make you fatter. These carbs are found in white rice, white pasta and white sugar, and also in over-processed junk food. Alternatively, complex carbs feed your body and mind with the fuel it needs to think straight and exercise. You can find these carbs in brown rice and whole wheat products. These products should be included in many of your meals.

Protein Fix 

There are many healthy ways to get protein from plant food. Vegans get all the protein they need from eating beans, nuts, whole grains, soy products, fruits and vegetables. Black beans are a great source of protein, as are many of the vegan alternatives, like soy burgers or hot dogs. Snacking on a couple of handfuls of almonds or walnuts, aside from delivering much-needed nutrition to your body, will also aid in covering your daily protein needs.

Eat to Look and Feel Better

Once we get into the habit of excluding animal products from our menus, and we start to look and feel better than ever, following the Skinny Bitch diet becomes easy. Try it for a week and see how you feel. Get informed, get creative in the kitchen and get that Skinny Bitch body you deserve. You have nothing to lose but weight. 


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