Getting The Most From Your Core Fitness Exercise

Core fitness exercise will properly strengthen your back and abdominal muscles. Strong core muscles (the 29 muscles of the body trunk and pelvis area) are important for maintaining proper posture, for core stability, and to prevent pain and/or injuries to the back. Strong core muscles make physical activities easier, and therefore more fun.

Core strength exercises are relatively simple and are low impact in nature. Beginner or expert, here are some key points to remember:

Get Help from a Professional Trainer 

Technique, body position, and alignment is of the utmost importance. Incorrect technique can lead to injury, so use a trained professional instructor until technique is mastered.

Focus on Quality of Movement

Master the technique since stamina will come in time, enabling longer workouts.

Breathe Deliberately and Slowly

Breathing allows for the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Oxygen is important for muscle contraction and the elimination of toxins in the blood, including lactic acid, which builds up during exercise.

Take Breaks

Rest allows the muscles to recover from exercise. Changing the exercise allows for the release of tension built up in the muscles. Sometimes it is necessary to rest a full day for muscles to recover from strenuous exercise. Exercise tears down muscles, while rest builds them up again.

Work Several Muscles at Once

Choose exercises that work more than one core muscle simultaneously. This will prevent one muscle group from overdeveloping, plus it is a more economical way of working out.

Include Conditioning Exercises

Exercises that build up stamina are as important as the strengthening exercises themselves. This will prevent injury and warm-up muscles before intensive workouts. It is just as important to warm down the muscles as well. Sudden stoppage of exercising can cause muscles to prematurely cool down, and therefore cramp up.



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