Garlic: A High Blood Pressure Natural Remedy?

Natural remedies are becoming more popular, so how about the use of garlic for high blood pressure? Does it really reduce high blood pressure, and is it safe to use to prevent heart disease?

Garlic’s Effect on Heart-related Health Issues

Studies do show signs that garlic has positive affects on lowering blood pressure. In countries where garlic is heavily used in everyday cooking, typical symptoms of cardiovascular disease, including high cholesterol levels and blood pressure, appear to be lower. Scientists also agree that additional healthy factors may also contribute to those findings.

The Difference Between Dietary Garlic and Supplements

As with most nutrients, dietary additions of nutrition are always preferred. However, in the case of garlic, adding large amounts to your diet can be challenging to your taste buds, as well as uncomfortable in social situations. Some argue that the aged garlic supplement, kyolic, is not only more potent than regular garlic supplements, but also promotes additional benefits like:

  • healthy immune system
  • circulation
  • liver function
  • growth of beneficial bacteria

Safety Issues with Garlic Supplements

High levels of garlic can cause thinning in the blood and some drug or supplement interactions. Patients taking Coumadin or Trental should consult their physician before adding garlic supplements to their diet. Also, lowering your salt intake is still a key natural remedy of high blood pressure.   


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