We recently wrote about SlimShots, an “all natural” liquid designed to help you eat less. Unfortunately, our results were not positive. Our members have asked about another all natural diet tool called FullBar. FullBar is a puffed cereal bar that you eat 30 minutes before a meal, which should help you to eat less at mealtime. Both are all natural, yet each takes a radically different approach to helping you eat less.

FullBarFullBar was created by Dr. Michael Snyder, a weight loss surgeon that has performed over 2000 surgeries. He recognized that many people might do just as well if they found another way to feel fuller and eat less, without surgery. FullBar is a puffed wheat cereal bar designed to be eaten 30 minutes before your two biggest meals of the day. Eat it slowly, while drinking a large glass of water. You should feel full enough by meal time that you can eat about half of what you normally would. Assuming half of your meal would contain more calories than contained in the FullBar, you would end up consuming fewer calories and losing weight.

Each FullBar contains 180 calories, 5 grams of fiber, and 5 grams of protein. How large are your meals? Let’s say you usually eat around 600 calories at dinner time. If you reduce that to 300 calories, and add in the 180 calorie FullBar, then you cut your meal by 120 calories. Do this twice a day and after six days you’ve cut out 1440 calories! (Snyder recommends using FullBar only 6 days per week.)

We decided to try FullBar for ourselves. We followed the instructions and at a FullBar 30 minutes before lunch, and had a very tall glass of water along with it. We had already planned vegetable soup for lunch, which usually only tides us over for a little while and leaves us vulnerable to snacking soon after. We still ate the full bowl of soup, but we felt stuffed! We tried it again at dinner and purposely measured out half of what we normally would have eaten. We felt satisfied. However, we should mention that our meals aren’t normally very large to begin with.

FullBars taste great and are available in 6 flavors including Peanut Butter, Caramel Apple Crunch, Cocoa Chip, Cranberry Almond, Berry Bliss, and Lemon Lime. They are sweetened with natural sweeteners such as honey, brown rice syrup, and agave nectar. The amount of sugar in a FullBar is about the same as is in an apple. One variety, Caramel Apple Crunch, also contains a small amount of HFCS which is in the caramel used in the recipe.

Could this help someone lose weight? Possibly! If you usually eat a large meal, you might feel satisfied consuming a FullBar first and find yourself eating less of the more calorie dense foods. But we don’t think FullBar is for everyone. If you usually eat a very large meal, then you might not get as much satisfaction from a FullBar. If you normally eat small mini-meals, then it’s unlikely you’ll save more calories than you consume with the FullBar. Your results may vary πŸ™‚

Could you get the same effect by eating a bowl of cereal or grapes before a meal? It seems probable, though we haven’t tested it. However, it isn’t always convenient to carry a bowl of cereal around in your purse, and they have a longer shelf life than grapes. Also, FullBar has a tested combination of fiber, protein, and bulk to keep you satisfied, and took 4 years to develop.

We confirmed that FullBar can help keep us fuller and it seems reasonable that it could help someone eat fewer calories overall. We’re going to give FullBar a longer trial and will report back on January 1 to let you know if we felt it helped us lose a few nagging pounds. If you are curious about the FullBar, you don’t need to buy a three month supply to try it. Go to your local GNC and buy a few bars to try it out. If you find it helps, then you can buy it directly from FullBar and get it much cheaper if you buy in bulk.

You can learn more about FullBar at http://www.fullbar.com


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  • marla

    The price of them stop me. If you have to eat 2-3 a day that gets to be pretty pricy.

  • Glenys

    i tried the full bar (ordered two boxes on line). First, the taste of them is not all that great. Second, i did not find that it made any difference in the amount of food i ate after eating one of these bars. I did follow the directions but i was not very satisfied with the results. I wish i had noticed that if you are not satisfied with the product you could send it back and get your money back. I would have done that.

  • Roni

    Thank you this is great info!

  • kim

    my question is that… If I already had by-pass sugery will this be a good thing for me? The last 30 lbs are a brat to get off…

  • Holly

    Does this really work honestly? I seena comercial and thought it was a good concept but does it really make you full? My problem is I dont eat in the morning and sometimes skip lunch as well leavin me to have a bigger dinner, so If I eat this bar will I lose weight? Seems there maybe more to it…..just wondering

  • katie

    If you follow the instuctions it works , Do NOT eat a fullbar with your meal . I just got hungry again . but if I ate the fullbar drinking 8oz or more of water with it , then wait and eat , it worked . I got full and started losing . 10lbs in 2 weeks. I just ordered the 3 months

  • katie

    it works

  • Jean Feltman

    The price blows my mind and I wonder about being diabetic and using these bars. Has anyone heard anything in that respect?

  • Val

    Have tried at two meals. First one made absolutely no difference in feeling full or amount of food eaten. Second one was eaten with larger meal (dinner). Didn’t get full while eating, but afterwards felt uncomfortably full for several hours. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Will try last two free bars before I decide if it’s for me or not. I sure hope it works.

  • Val

    For clarification on my earlier message at 3:30 p.m.m, both bars were consumed with 16 oz of water 1/2 hour before meals. Don’t understand why it didn’t work as expected. Any suggestions? Thanks…

  • Charlene

    I’m just wondering what happens in the maintenance phase of this diet plan. When you stop eating the full bars, your appetite will come back..correct? Has anyone kept the weight off 6 months after reaching their goal?

  • kathy

    I am 59 and have Multiple Sclerosis, so mobility is a problem. I do not eat much, but lack of mobility does not help. I do drink a lot of fluids. Plus being on ss and living on under 900 a month, I could never afford them.

    I just do not understand why they cannot creative a more afordable tool to help us disabled and low income people. I guess we do not have the options of those more fortunate.

    If these doctors were really concerned in helping people, the profit would not matter as much as those of us that are desparate and really in need.

  • Tom

    I read alot about Fullbar on FullbarReview. com and then bought a few cases and I like the product because it works. I thought it was a bit expensive but then what is not these days?

  • Tom

    I tried Fullbar after reading a bunch of information on FullBarReview .com and I thought the product did all it said it would do for me. It was a bit on the costly side but then what is not these days?

  • Douig Edwards

    I tried FullBar for three weeks and lost 14 lbs. Nothing is easy but this thing keeps me full. I also have increased my meals to 6 a day instead of 2. I just recieved a three months supply. We will see how it goes. So far so good.

  • Donna

    I rec’d my fullbars today(01/10/09) and i had one before my lunch w/ the water
    i ate less and was glad i did because i got some wicked stomach cramps and diarrhea a few times…not sure if i should continue?? i picked the apple flavor,
    is this the norm???

  • Mar

    Charlene makes a very good point, what happens when you stop eating the fullbars? Also, what is the exact ingredient list? I always worry about products where they make that info hard/impossible to find…

  • Mr_H

    The price of them stop me. If you have to eat 2-3 a day that gets to be pretty pricy.
    Again 2 a day 6 day week, Not 7 but 6. What happens to the 7th day. Do we rest? Do the Math 2 bars a day for a 3 Mth 180 bars. not 144. Thats 36 bars short, lets get another box. Still short 12 bars. Note thats 2 bars a day not 3.
    Thats pretty pricy. But I would love to try it, just can’t afford it. You know the saying don’t knock it, tell you try it.

  • Mary

    I just finished the first week on full bars and got on the scale and lost 4 pounds!!!! I just ordered the 3 month supply along with the aqua full. Let’s hope I continue on the same path.


    PS. I am a diabetic and my blood sugars haven’t changed.

  • Terry Dorval

    would love to try it for free before buying, i’m taking sleeping pills, and every time I do, that’s when I’m hungry, and it’s sure not the time to start eating, but I have to or else , i will fall asleep only to wake up an hour later. So that’s no good.
    I was wondering if I was to take one of those after my sleeping pill, if it would to the trick.

  • BrenScot

    Just heard about these bars today from a Shopping Channel program in my area.
    Am wanting to try but am wondering how well they work???? Can anyone let me know how well they worked for them.
    Having a really hard time controlling my appetite lately-and just need a jumpstart.
    Can not tolerate anything with any kind of suppressent-for that reason I am not even a coffee drinker.

  • chris garnichaud

    i would try a couple free before I would commit to that expense.I’m 53 obese female struggling w/ weight most of my life.

  • Josh

    These are all great comments and I am glad to see that some people have had success. I ordred this product from the website after considering the surgery. My problem has always been overeating, I exercise regularly, but cant lose weight because I eat too much of the wrong foods. I do want to point out thought that everything from fullbar I have read has been upfront and honest… You can find the ingredients easily on their website, and it is recommended to eat 2 a day for weekdays and 1 on sat. none on sunday. This makes sense to me, as on sat I usually only eat 1 big meal, and eat light already sundays… so 144 would last 3 months if you follow the directions they clearly state. Wish me luck, my journey starts today….I hope to lose 60 lbs this year.

  • cafeaulait09

    I started eating the fullbars two days ago, to me it fills that space that I would ordinarily put one more helping of whatever so try it I say. I paid about 25$ online for 12 bars buying through http://www.target.com and saved I guess. I think the whole Idea is eventually you have to control your own portions this will help most in the interim.

  • sandyb

    I followed the advice of picking up a few at GNC before ordering on line. The first one was incredible, after that, not so much. You’re supposed to take them a half hour before a meal to get the max benefit. I’d usually make sure to have one in the car when I was doing errands and was ravenous before lunch. I’d eat one and try to cut down the amount I had for lunch. No real change — just to my wallet. Full Bars were supposed to be rolled out to WalMarts in January, but I haven’t seen them in mine yet. I was curious to see the price diff from them and GNC.

  • FullBar

    sandyb – FullBar is actually available in CVS and Walgreen’s now, if that’s a good option for you.

    Dr. Snyder actually came out with a new product last month – it’s called Aquafull, and it can work with FullBar, or by itself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yce61YRU3SE&feature=channel_page

  • FullBar

    sandyb – FullBar is actually available in CVS and Walgreen’s now, if that’s a better option for you.

    Dr. Snyder actually came out with a new product last month – it’s called Aquafull, and it can work with FullBar, or by itself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yce61YRU3SE&feature=channel_page

  • mary s.

    i read alot of articles on full bars and they seemed as if they really work well. so i ordered my supply today. i was just wondering which flavors are the best tasting.

  • Daphne

    I am gonna start next week with these bars! I read about them in Woman’s World, Fullbar review website and now this site! I am anxious to see if they work! These last 10-15 pounds have been hard to lose so I will give it a try! Thanks for the input! And as Woman’s World and This site states that this diet may not be for everyone! Will report back on how it goes!

  • Nikki

    tried the cranberry almond and it really made me feel full. just ordered 36 bars. we’ll see πŸ™‚

  • Mitzi

    I just got the box of 12 peanut butter bars off ebay. Tried one this morning and the taste is so terrible, I can not eat it. Wondering if the others taste this bad. Dont get me wrong I love peanut butter but I could not eat a whole one of these.. It tastes terrible. I believe the concept is a great idea but first you have to be able to eat them. Maybe I’ll try CVS or GNC to find some other flavor and see if it helps. Also wondering why you couldnt just eat a bowl of puffed wheat cereal dry and it do the same thing? Then you’d have crunch instead of soggy chewy bars?

  • mindee

    Don’t waste your money- I was starving after 1/2 hour- too much money to spend if you are going to be hungry.

  • Sharon

    I like the cocoa chip bars the best. I get stressed at work and I have been eating bigger portions. It does seem to help cut down the size of my appetite. My husband has been also been eating them at night.

  • Jim

    Mixed bag of reviews above but I just spent the $65 for the 24 bars. I am a 47 year old male and workout like a MAD MAN but can not get down to what I consider and ideal weight. I am 5 11 and started out at 218 in 2006. I am now 194 but have been stuck there for 2 years. My goal is 180. My PT told me weight loss is 70% diet and 30% exercise. I can honestly tell you I eat well. I rarely eat fast or junk food and hit the gym hard 4-5 times a week. My biggest issue is grazing in the evenings. If I can get down to 185 (a weight I have not seen since 1999) this will be a true diet product. Will let you know.

  • Jasmeen

    I saw Fullbar on tv and thought WOW!! Maybe this will get way to get rid of 15lbs and help me to revise the way I eat. After review of the site I ordered the 2 week trial. I’ll keep you all posted

  • Elaine

    I started Full Bar on Monday and 3 days later I have lost 6.6 lbs. already. I am an evening grazer, but I haven’t wanted anything. I am only using 1 full bar a day and I take it about 3:30 with a glass of water. Then I have supper at about 5:30 and I fill up faster than normal and I feel very full all evening. I haven’t wanted anything except liquids in the evenings.

    The taste isn’t great, but the bars are chewey. I have tried the chocolate and the peanut butter. I have a lot to lose and I was going to have bariatric surgery, but maybe this will work without the surgery.

    I am diabetic and I haven’t had to take much insulin since Fullbar. I went from taking 100 units of insulin a day to about 10 to 20 units. For me so far Fullbar has been successful and I will be ordering a 3 month supply.

  • JayNine

    Thought you all might want to know that you can purchase Full Bar at Walmart for $7.96 for a box of 6…much cheaper than online. My store only had two varieties. I just had a bar with water, and after 30 minutes I wasn’t even hungry for lunch! So for me it feels me up. I had the chocolate one and it tasted okay. We’ll see how the scales look in a couple of week, but so far I am not disappointed.

  • kate

    Just tried my first full bar had it will 10 oz of water and didn’t feel the need to eat for 3 hours after . Then just had a garden salad (no vread meat or cheese) and am just now feeling like I could eatt 3 hours later. Usually I am snackie all day but this has VANISHED. The only thing I wonder is that since I am just useing these to lose the last 10 lbs and they are 150 cals each how many cals will I really save by eating them?? Will this work for the last 5-10 lbs??

  • taylor

    no. these bars tasted discusting!!! i could barely eat one and the price is also ridiculous. try eating a bag of cherios before your meal and it will have the same effect.

  • Dave

    I’m diabetic. I had a 140 blood sugar this morning, but 90 minutes after a FullBar, it’s 210. Ridiculous.

  • herewegoagain01

    well lets be honest, we’re trying the full bar because we like to feel full and we enjoy food a little to much. So heres my experience I love to eat and not eat till im full but eat till im stuffed yea i know thats not normal but it is what it is so when i came across the full bar i thought hey if this product works i may actually be successful this time so i gave it a shot and to tell you the truth i still make the same size dinner plate so i dont feel like im depriving myself but the most awesome thing happened i got about halfway through my plate and i was stuffed i ate a few more bites because thats how i am but i was just to stuffed to keep going!. Bingo now we’re talking i never ever leave food on my plate and now try as i might for the past 5nights i CAN NOT clear my plate less calories consumed means less calories to burn to loss weight. So my stand on the full bar is if your the kind of person that loads up a plate and will continue to eat even if your full until the plate is empty this maybe exactly what you need to get that stuffed feeling but in reality you have not eatin nearly as much as you usually would.So hey so far so good ill keep you posted. Oh yea watch the calories the bars are about 160 cal so dont forget to account for that in you cal intake and fyi the bars keep me full for 3-4 hours which is much longer than if you just tried to trick your belly into thinking its full with a glass of water. & I for one dont think they taste bad at all my preference is the coco or the apple cinn. but the real test will be at the end of the week when i get on the scale. so wish me luck in addition to the full bar im also going to do cardio 20 mins a day 7 days a week im hoping to lose 2-3 lbs a wk i hope this was helpful to someone out there

  • mollie

    is it bad to use these if you are not and adult? like 13-14?