Fruit Flush

The Fruit Flush diet was invented by clinical nutritionist Jay Robb. It’s a three-day plan for those who want a quick detox.

The Premise

The Fruit Flush is a detox for those who are suffering such symptoms as irritability, bloating, fatigue and addiction to carbohydrates. Jay Robb, creator of the Fruit Flush Plan, believes that eating fruit helps to detoxify the body, as well as helping to maintain good health and a healthy weight in the long term. The Fruit Flush promises nine pounds of weight loss in three days.

The Diet

The Fruit Flush Diet is based on fruit. Robb believes that the vitamins, minerals, water, antioxidants and carbohydrates in fruit help to detoxify the body, raise your energy levels, support liver function and keep off unwanted pounds.

On the first day, you’ll drink protein drinks at two-hour intervals for a total of five protein drinks all day. You’ll have a large, raw vegetable salad for your evening meal, accompanied by a source of lean protein and either olive oil or avocado for beneficial fatty acids.

On the second and third days, you’ll have fruit instead of the protein drinks. For your evening meal, you’ll again eat a large raw vegetable salad. You’ll have olive oil or avocado and a protein drink.

Recommended foods on this diet include whey protein, fish, turkey, chicken, lean beef and egg whites. You’re allowed to eat whatever fresh fruits you prefer, but are especially encouraged to eat lemons and limes. You’re to drink only pure water and protein drinks as required.

The Fruit Flush is a great detox program to help you get through the aftermath of a period of dietary indulgence. It’s a great way to kick off your commitment to a healthier lifestyle, since it’s not only detoxifying but also helps motivate you to make changes in your life. The Fruit Flush can help you get an appetite for healthier foods, and it’s an easy detox program because most dieters like the sweet taste of fruit. 

Things to Consider

This is a low-calorie diet, and many dieters may experience hunger, weakness, dizziness and fatigue. You could experience feelings of deprivation and cravings on this diet. Because this is a low protein diet, it may not be suitable for those with hypoglycemia or diabetes.

Because the Fruit Flush is a low calorie diet, it can make it difficult for many dieters to find the energy to carry out normal daily activities. This definitely isn’t a diet for the very physically active, since active dieters need more daily calories than less active dieters. 

Robb claims that the Fruit Flush can help dieters lose nine pounds in three days. This is unrealistic and any attempt to lose weight this fast could be dangerous if successful. The Fruit Flush is a great detox diet, but talk to your doctor before attempting it.




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