Frozen Food and Other Healthy Items in Your Freezer

Frozen food has been a staple for a long time in most American diets. If you are someone who leads a hectic lifestyle and does not always have the time to prepare a hot and home cooked meal, frozen food might be an ideal option for you. You should also visit the frozen food section in your grocery if cooking is not exactly your thing. Read on for some information on how to keep your freezer stocked with healthy items.

Healthy Frozen Meals

If you are like today’s average consumer then you probably prefer something fast and convenient when it comes to food. It’s no wonder then why the frozen food section of almost every supermarket is bursting with meals. In fact, frozen meals have evolved from the average TV dinner. You can now find many types of frozen dinners, from low-fat and organic meals to Asian or ethnic meals. If you usually eat frozen meals for your dinner then it’s important that you learn how to choose healthy ones. One of the things you need to do is read the nutrition label on the package. This is one of the best ways of learning the nutrients that a frozen meal contains. It’s generally healthier to opt for light frozen meals, especially if you’re trying to lose or maintain weight. Light frozen meals typically have 300 calories or less. They also have no more than 10 grams of fat. Of course, you should also take the meal ingredients into account. Make sure that the frozen meal has plenty of vegetables. Whole grains or brown rice are also healthy sources of carbohydrates. When choosing meat, opt for leaner kinds such as fish or chicken.

Healthy Frozen Snacks

There are also healthy frozen snacks that you can munch on as a dessert or snack when you’re feeling hungry between meals. Frozen yogurt is perhaps the most well-known healthy frozen snack that you can eat. However, you should keep in mind that not all frozen yogurt brands are healthy. In fact, many of them are just similar to regular ice cream when it comes to nutrients. If you’re trying to lose weight and eat healthy, choose frozen yogurt that has low fat and sugar content. When shopping for frozen yogurt, you should also choose those that contain live cultures or probiotics. These healthy bacteria aid in digestion and improve general health.

Make Your Own Frozen Food

Buying frozen foods from the supermarket is not your only option. You can also stock your freezer with dishes that you made yourself. Making your own frozen dishes will allow you to control portions and choose healthier ingredients. Some healthy dishes that you can make and freeze are vegetable and turkey chili, vegetable soups, chicken casseroles and more. When freezing your own food, keep portions in mind. For instance, if you usually eat dinner with your spouse, make sure that each portion you store is good for two.


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