Four Tastiest Sugar Substitutes

With so many sugar substitutes on the market, it may be hard to decide which one to use. There are a number of them that claim to be better tasting than all the others, but finding the right one can still be difficult. There are many different things to think about as far as flavor, and some of the most common things people look for in flavor of their sugar substitutes are texture and sweetness.

Sweetest Sugar Substitute

One of the most common things desired from artificial sweeteners is sweetness in general. Many substitutes can be found lacking in sweetness, and many others are also found to be bitter. The sweetest sugar substitutes are:

  • Splenda is made from a blend of sucralose, matodextrin and dextrose and is said to be 600 times sweeter than table sugar. This product also doesn’t metabolize, so it does not create energy or calories which keeps it from giving you the traditional sugar crash.
  • Stevia is grown in wild areas of Paraguay and Brazil. The leaves of this small shrub taste vaguely like licorice and is approximately 10 – 20x sweeter than sugar.  In its powder or liquid form it has been said to be 100- 300x sweeter than table sugar.

Best Substitute For Baking

When looking for a sugar substitute to bake with you have to make sure the substitute you want to use is baking friendly because not all of them are. Some become harmful to the body at certain temperatures, and others just don’t taste good.

  • Splenda comes up again when searching for the best baking sugar substitute. It is thought to be the best sugar substitute for baking by many people, and has been proven to be the closest to real sugar as far as taste in baking.
  • Sweet N Low is another favorite artificial sweetener for bakers. It dissolves easily in hot and cold environments, so it is versatile and can be used in any of your favorite recipes.  The product does not loose it’s sweetness when heated either, making it ideal for sweetening baked goods before or after cooking them. It is made with saccharin.

Healthiest and Best Tasting Sugar Substitutes

Sometimes you cannot have good taste and healthiness at the same time in certain sweeteners, but there are a few that are both healthy and tasty. Some of these artificial sweeteners include:

  • Agave Nectar is a natural sugar substitute that comes from a variety of plants from Mexico called Agave. The sweetener contains 25 calories per serving, but it is sweeter than sugar which means you have to use less.
  • Stevia is another good tasting and healthy sugar alternative. It produces an inferior texture when used for baking, but is perfect for a a cup of your favorite beverage or food, like oatmeal.

You may have to try more than one sugar substitute to find the right one for you. But there are plenty out there, so chances are you will find one. Keep in mind that some sugar substitutes have adverse health effects, so it is best to research the sugar substitute you wish to try before actually consuming it.


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