Four Reasons to Skip the Cheese on Your Sandwich

The cheese on your sandwich can make the difference between a healthy, nutritious option and one that has a high fat content, excessive calories and more. If you’re looking to diet, lose weight, reduce your overall fat intake and control your health more easily, it’s probably best to avoid cheese on your sandwiches. If you do choose to have cheese on your sandwich, keep it to a minimum in order to avoid making your sandwich any more unhealthy than it has to be. Read on for a few good reasons to consider skipping the cheese on your sandwich.

1. Fat Content

Cheese is a dairy product that consists of a high percentage of fat. Much of this fat is saturated fat, which is considered widely to be the least healthy type of fat. Too much saturated fat in your diet can contribute to cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many other debilitating and serious conditions. Even a small amount of cheese contains a huge percentage of your daily recommended fat intake, so avoiding cheese on your sandwich entirely is a good way to keep your fat content down.

2. Calories

Cheese is also relatively high in calories as well. Cheese alone can contribute an overabundance of calories to an otherwise healthy sandwich. But when you’re eating a sandwich that contains less healthy ingredients, like fried meats, heavy sauces and more, cheese only makes the sandwich itself even less healthy.

3. Digestion Difficulties

Whether or not you suffer from lactose intolerance, the cheese on your sandwich is likely to contribute to some sort of digestive difficulty. Many people find that cheese gives them excess flatulence, contributes to an overall feeling of being bloated, or otherwise causes them some sort of stomach upset. This is largely due to the fact that cheese is highly processed and contains a much higher content of fat than the human digestive system is meant to be able to handle at any one time.

4. Flavor

Many people find that the subtle flavors of cheese are oftentimes lost on a sandwich as well. If you’re going to eat cheese and ingest all of the fat, calories and other ingredients that make it taste the way that it does, it’s generally better to eat the cheese by itself. Leave it off of your sandwich so that you can experience the full flavor of vegetables, meats and other items that you have on the sandwich instead.

As with any other type of food, it’s not reasonable to assume that you’ll want to eliminate cheese from your diet entirely. Fortunately, it’s not necessary to do this in order to maintain a healthy diet and a good overall nutritional balance. You’ll simply need to control the amount of cheese that you eat and limit it; removing it from your sandwiches is a good way to do this.


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