Four Foods to Avoid on the Cheater's Diet

The cheater’s diet is a diet that allows you to take the weekends off. It revolves around eating healthy and working out throughout the week and then indulging a bit on the weekends. If you enjoy exercising and eating well, but still want to enjoy your favorite foods, the cheater’s diet may be right for you.

Based on a Mediterranean-style eating plan, this diet consists of eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins in every meal throughout the week, as well as on the weekends. Dieters also are allowed to choose from a variety of snacks, such as nuts, yogurt, pudding or other low-fat treats. On the weekends, dieters are encouraged to choose from any foods they wish, including pizza, chocolate, ice cream and wine. If this sounds appealing to you, the cheater’s diet may be a good solution for you.

However, even on this diet, there are several items that are off limits throughout the week. These include:

Restricted Food #1: Sugar

Most people eat a lot more than the recommended amount of sugar daily by way of soda and other sugary beverages, sweets and in processed foods. By adhering to a strict no-sugar diet throughout the week, you are sure to shed several pounds just by the elimination of this one simple item.

Restricted Food #2: Bread

Bread packs on the calories and carbohydrates. By replacing bread with an increase of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, you will find over time that you are still getting full and giving your body more solid nutrients. If this poses a problem for you, remember, you can always eat bread on the weekends while on the Cheater’s Diet.

Restricted Food #3: Saturated Fats

These unhealthy fats can lead to clogged arteries and other heart health problems over a lifetime of excessive eating. By restricting your saturated fat intake, you will find the pounds shedding off. Replacing your usual cuts of meat with other lean plant-based proteins will lower your overall calorie count as well, making your diet all the more effective.

Restricted Food #4: Alcohol

Alcohol is a large source for empty calories in many people’s diets. It’s a great thing to cut out for anyone who is looking to lose weight. While cheating on this over the weekend is permitted, it is recommended to drink wine, as opposed to beers and other sugary alcoholic drinks.

If the Cheater’s Diet rules sounds like something you can stick with, this may be a good diet for you to pursue. It promotes modification of your regular eating habits to create a manageable and healthy diet that you can live with. Before beginning any new diet, it is always recommended that you speak with your doctor first so that you can address any health issues specific to your needs. Upon doctor approval, begin modifying your diet to fit this plan and look forward to the weekends when you can eat your favorite foods.



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