FYI: Recipe Points Values

  • Many of the recipes in this section were generously posted by past members and/or members who used the Momentum/TurnAround Points systems at the time these recipes were shared.

    Currently, this means that many of the recipes in this section have the Points values for the Momentum/TurnAround plan.

    For those using PointsPlus or ProPoints, you may have to recalculate the values for older recipes before you use them, as they may no longer be accurate.

    For those interested in sharing a recipe with the community, please remember to clearly label next to the Points values whether it's PointsPlus or an older Points plan to help keep the information up-to-date for fellow members.

    And keep on sharing those delicious recipes!
  • And About SmartPoints
    Weight Watchers has just changed its plan. Instead of PointsPlus, Weight Watchers is no using SmartPoints. SmartPoints are based upon a food's calories, sugar, saturated fat, and protein.

    Recipes that are here may give points for PointsPlus or earlier plans. Don't rely on those points for SmartPoints as SmartPoints can be radically different than the points for a food under the past plans.