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Hi everyone -

Pat - Boy, I don't know where I'd be without a microwave at work. How about a peanut butter sandwich? 1 T PB with two slices of bread can be as little as three points, depending on what type of bread you use. Don't forget Luna Bars. They're a little high, point wise, but have protein. Glad to hear that you're feeling more in control.

Judy - Yes, it is good exercise for him. I just have to make him realize that when he tries to do it all, something gets left undone. I'm going to have to look for the N.O. pancake mix in the store. Ana loves pancakes and if I make them, by golly, I want to eat them! I'm glad to hear that you're not retaining water. I'm sending positive vibes to you so that your sneak peek holds.

Holly - You got us started and didn't come back. Stop by and say hi.

No plans for us for the weekend, which is how I want it. John and I both took tomorrow off. Ana's daycare, which is also a montessori school through third grade, closed for two days for classroom preparation. I'm a bit ticked. I'm paying them to watch my child and now have had to make alternate arrangements for two days. Luckily my mom took her last night, but it meant three hours in the car round-trip to get there and back and another three hours tonight to pick her up. Had I had to hire a sitter, it would have been an additional expenditure. I don't see why the daycare kids have to be impacted by the elementry classroom set up. Nor do I understand why they have to do that on my nickle. But other than this little thing, its a great place, so I'm keeping my mouth shut. (Except for on here. ) We may go to the zoo tomorrow. That should be fun.

Had a good day yesterday. Ate at max, but turned down ice cream and cookies at my mom's. I'm going to try to have a low point day today as she's cooking dinner tonight. One of my cousins is in town and stopping by. Luckily we'll be there after everyone else eats, so I can get away with nibbling. (My mom's roast beef hot out of the oven in front of me.... no telling what would happen. I love it.)

So, if I don't get on here tomorrow, have a great long weekend everyone.

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Judy - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to keep the great sneak peek. I do like to have yogurt. Sara usually ate it as fast as we got it in the house so I was lucky to get a carton. Hopefully now I'll get a chance at it, but she keeps dropping in and eating. I told her to try eating some of the dorm food we had to pay for.

Carla - Way to go turning down the ice cream and cookies. Ice cream is one of my problem foods. I just can't keep it in the house. The daycare situation would make me mad too. I know how much trouble it can be to get someone else for just a day or two. Also makes it hard on the kids. I know Laura hated any kind of change in her routine.

I didn't have quite as good a day today. Don't know why, but I'm feeling really bloated today. Have to guzzle the water tomorrow. Couldn't get out for my walk either. It was thundering and lightning all evening...never did get any rain though.

I'll probably spend the weekend cleaning up this house. My sisters are planning on a yard sale in a couple of weeks so I need to go through my things and see what I can get rid of.

Have a great weekend.
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Hi everyone,

Pat, sometimes I think if it's humid outside I gain 5 pounds because the water goes from the air through my skin and right to my butt. I have heard that the weather can affect weight loss. It makes sense since we all belong on the planet. Or at least one would think we do, I'm sure there are those who claim I'm from elsewhere! I'm getting rid of all my frumpy clothes this weekend. What will I wear next week?? I guess I'll have to go shopping!

If anybody wants to get their own pink bike, better hurry. My mechanic told me that Dyno went the way of Schwinn and they are no longer making the Kosmopolitan (the pink one). It is a heavy beach or "balloon" cruiser with foot brakes. Very simple, no gears. It's ready to go and staring at me, saying 'pleeeaaase can we go?'

Carla, if you come to the mountains, of course I'd let you ride the pink bike. I hope you are enjoying your tomato sandwiches. I really like tomatoes, feta, Bernstein's cheese fantastico dressing in a flour tortilla. Very fresh and satisfying.

A high protein snack? NUTS! I take almonds and raisins and that lasts me for hours. High fiber, high protein, really good for you, too. All these studies lately keep finding that nuts are really good for you. I eat them daily. I'm a vegetarian and I need to find different sources of protein. Others are seeds, tofu (though I don't like soy very much), cheese, eggs, and milk.

Staying OP today...

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