Weigh in at Home 6/20-6/26

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  • No one had started the topic yet this week so I decided to post it. I don't weigh in until tommorow, but I want to know how everyone else is doing!

    Let's see those losses ladies!
  • After my first week OP I'm down 4 pounds! I know it's the first week and not to always expect it, but it is definitely motivational
  • I weighed in at 169 today
  • Wow Smoo! I just checked out your tracker. You've made some amazing progress!
  • Karen - it's great to hear from you!!! I've been on mostly the last few weeks simply because I was so off that I gained back almost everything I'd lost. It;s still a struggle and I find myself slipping into my same old bad habits but I'm keeping keeping on ('cause I know I don't have a choice). I've been a bit bummed about exercising because my back and knee (the good one!) have been troublesome but I'm trying to do what I can. 60 km over two days??? Wow, that's a good walk but for a great 'cause. Keep checking in - I've misssed you!

    Rachel - thanks for starting the thread. Good luck on your weigh in.

    Mindy - congratulations on that great loss and welcome! I love the kitty pic. I have three cats.

    Hi Smoo and welcome! You have made great progress and are quite an inspiration!

    I'm happy to report a 0.6 pound loss. I'm not sure if my eating last week was deserving of a loss - I had some snacky evenings - but I'll take it. Carla, I meant to post to you over the weekend about our interleague series between your Cubbies and my Yankees. Sorry for the way it turned out. Of course, Tony and I went to the ballgame last night (we got fabulous seats from my mom's neighbors - 11 rows behind the Yankee dugout) and they lost. Ah well, that's baseball.

    The weekend was a bit tough foodwise - we went out to dinner with my parents on Saturday to a local Italian place that we tried for the first time. I didn't do too badly. Sunday was harder. We had lunch with my fil (at Red Lobster) and then went to my step daughters for a bar-b-que. She had some good point choices and some bad point choices and I had both. Yesterday was an OK but tiring day - the fourth grade had its picnic in the park which is like an almost all day recess with parents - tiring. This year we all brown bagged it so that was OK. Toiny and I got Stadium Club passes at the ball park yesterday so I had a nice dinner (I made good choices from the lovely buffet they had) instead of hot dogs or bringing our usual "going to the ballpark Italian sub". Then I had Cracker Jacks - but I didn't have beer. I've counted everything so far and I have to be careful for the rest of the week, especially since the end-of-year party for work is Thursday at an Italian place and lunch out on the last day of (work) school on Friday.

    I've been enjoying not having grad school classes this week. I'm trying to do a real house cleaning (going through stuff, throwing out some and finding a place for the rest) before I'm having a friend come to visit in mid-July. Since the game last night made for a late night and I had no voice left, I took today off from work and got a bunch done. I'm about to do some yoga (my back was really ouchy yesterday) now before dinner - not a lot of activity points but I need it.

    Have a great one,
  • Hi all.

    Sorry I wasn't around much last week - the days just kind of flew by.

    Karen - I'm so happy to "see" you. I hear you about the on again/off again. I'm dedicating my summer to making some real changes. Yay for you for doing the breast cancer walk - what a good cause. I think, too, that training for something is a bit more exciting than just plain exercising, so perhaps it will help motivate you to keep moving!

    Susie - Welcome.

    Mindy - Welcome and congrats on your first week loss!

    Smoo - Welcome and whoo hoo on your progress! Your a great example!

    Judy - Congrats on the loss! I'll have that mango soup recipe to you before the week is out. Sounds like you had fun at the game! As for the weekend games, to tell you the truth, I knew the Cubs were heading to Yankee stadium, but beyond that I didn't really pay any attention. How great that you'll be able to student teach at your current school. I'm sure that when you're ready for a permanent position, you'll find one. I hope your back and knee feel better soon. I know how bummed out you get when you can't exercise.

    Let's see. I was up a few pounds at weigh-in last week, but I was also retaining water. (Why do I eat ham the night before I weigh-in?) At any rate, it was gone in a couple of days, so for all intents and purposes, last week was a maintain. Ana had her first swim meet last Wednesday night, but it got rained out before she could swim. It was really cold that night too. Her next meet is tomorrow night. Saturday my friend, Ana's godmother, took us to American Girl (as in the dolls) Place as a birthday present for Ana. She bought her a doll and we went to tea. It was quite the experience. The tea was very good and very point-unfriendly. Ah well, it was a nice afternoon. We have a few challenges coming up this weekend: a cocktail party on Friday and a pot-luck BBQ on Saturday. We're in another heat wave, so I don't even feel much like eating. Tonight it's going to be a salad with grilled chicken and avocado. And then it may be a trip to the pool.

    Have a great evening all.

  • Thanks

    I'm glad to be here, just wish I would've started posting sooner
  • Hi all.

    Smoo - Seeing your weight loss makes me smile encourages me. May I ask when you started doing WW and whether you're doing core or flex?

    I'm posting a maintain, with which I'm ok, for this week. As I mentioned to Karen yesterday, I'm determined to make some real changes and am dedicating my summer to it. To that end, I've changed my weight tracker below so that my current weight is also my starting weight. Since I'm a few pounds over my last starting weight, it seems like the sensible thing to do. I haven't yet decided whether or not to have WW change it on-line. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I'm trying to change some eating-related behaviours that aren't necessarily related to points, etc. The first one I started with was trying to eat more slowly. I've had moderate success with that, but will keep at it. The next one up: eating as a solo activity. I'm really bad about eating when I'm reading, watching T.V., in front of the computer to the point where these activities trigger a desire to eat, even if I'm not hungry. It's as though I can't do one without the other. So, from now on, when I eat, that's all I do. If I'm reading and I want a snack, I put the book down, fix the snack, and eat it at the table. No eating in front of the computer either. About the only exception I can see making to this rule is popcorn. I don't have popcorn all that often and it just seems to go with a movie. I've been doing this for a few days already and it's worked out pretty well. It should help me cut down with the snacking a whole bunch. And now, to get my butt in gear and get some stuff done around the house.

    Have a great day.

  • Quote: Hi all.

    Smoo - Seeing your weight loss makes me smile encourages me. May I ask when you started doing WW and whether you're doing core or flex?

    I started WW August 2, 2004 and use the flex plan. I also added in the firm workout in May of this year, and have really noticed big changes since starting.
  • Welcome everyone new and congrats on your weight loss! I weighed in this morning and had a 3.5 lb loss! I am really shocked! I did eat well this week and walked a couple of days, but to see that big of a drop is a welcome surprise! I haven't been in the 160's in over a year and it feels great! I'm still doing the Wendy plan, so I am going to stick to that considering the progress!

    I almost stopped at McDonalds this morning to celebrate the loss (McD's breakfast is one of my all time favorites and probably one of the major reasons I gained so much in the first place), but opted to be a good girl and not sabatoge myself, considering I am only on the cusp of the 160's. I had my bran bar instead!
  • Hi Everyone! It's the other Rachel---in FL--- LOL!
    I am reporting a 1lb. loss for the week. I weigh in on Mondays but the thread wasn't started yet, and then I was at work for 2 days and I just don't get on the computer after a 12-hour shift. So here I am today. Yesterday we were so busy at work that I ended up getting home at 8:30pm with 13 points left for my daily target, and I hadn't eaten lunch until 3pm! The days I work make it so hard for me to cut off my eating early in the evening, but I have to eat when I get home, I'm hungry
    It seems that going out to eat is a big challenge for most of us on WW.
    I did take my girls out to lunch once last week and I specifically chose Applebees because they have the WW menu items. I got a grilled chicken salad for 5 points. It was good, although it wasn't anything I couldn't have made myself at home. Still, my girls had a great time (they love "girls day out") and I can't tell you how good it felt not to have that "restaurant guilt" afterwards.
    Father's Day was another story--we had a big cookout at our house, "potluck style." NOTHING was point-friendly except the grilled chicken. But since I hadn't used any of my flexpoints and Sunday is my last day of the week, I stayed within my points range.Still, Monday AM I was surprised to see the scale showed a loss after that day.
    This weekend will be hard too. Sunday a baby shower and then a cookout at a friends house--I am saving my flexpoints.
    And Monday is my birthday , so we are going out to dinner with friends. I picked the Japanese Steakhouse and I will limit myself on the fried rice!
    I bought a pedometer too, but it is so inacurate! It counts about 12 steps to 6, even though I put in my stride length. Do any of you have a good one??
    I also got an exercise video, plan on trying it out today! Wish me luck and hopefully I'll be able to walk tomorrow!!

    I want to tell everyone WAY TO GOOOOOO!!!!! with your weigh-ins, and good luck for the rest of the week. We ALL have weak moments and we ALL make bad choices or life prevents us from doing what we should. But the important thing is to KEEP GOING, DON'T GIVE UP!!! Every day is a new day, and you can make it happen!!
  • Quote: We ALL have weak moments and we ALL make bad choices or life prevents us from doing what we should. But the important thing is to KEEP GOING, DON'T GIVE UP!!! Every day is a new day, and you can make it happen!!
    I can't tell you HOW MUCH I needed to hear that today and remember it! I didn't start out my week very well and got up this morning determined to let it go and do the best I can with the part of the week that's left. I WI on Mondays, so it's not like all is lost. I had my friend and her son over for a movie on Tuesday and overbought pizza and then it hung around, and you know what happens when pizza hangs around

    So, today I'm doing better. I had also bought no-sugar-added pumpkin pie and ate much more of it than I should, so that didn't help either -- added sugar or not it still has fat and all that other stuff.
  • Hi All -
    Quick check in as we're off camping for a few days. Sounds like everyone's doing pretty well. All lossess or maintains this week. Put me in the maintain column! I've had a couple of excellent days and a couple of awful ones too.
    Carla - try a big bottle of water at the 'puter. It'll hydrate you and give you something to do other than eat. Works for me...except when the cat knocks the water over and wrecks the keyboard.
    Will be back in town on Sunday, and then next Thursday we're going up to our property for 10 glorious days of relaxation.
  • Hey ya'll I just wanted to pop in and see if I can join your group?? I need this as motivation (things are working for me though but every extra bit of support helps and works) I have been counting calories for almost two weeks-waiting for my ww info to come (although I have figured that my cal count is comparable to my points allowance-without flex and exercise points but with nursing points) I have lost five lbs this past almost two weeks. I exercise five times a week walking for 30 mins and have added a leslie sansone walk/jog tape yesterday so that bumps up my exercise to 60 mins a day. I have been walking for three almost four months now and have lost a total of 25lbs. I still have 45 to go but need to do it slowly for I still BF my 12mo old and don't want to jeapordize that. (And I want to keep it off ) I lost the first 18-20 lbs on a limited carb diet...but it just wont work for me -binging and such. I LOVE THIS PLAN for I can have anything I want within reason. I see all you girls having such good results and say that I wanna be up there with you! Thanks for letting my join your little corner of the world LOL Keep up the great work! Mindy, I see that we have almost the sme goal for loss around the same time.......good luck! Where at in PA are you? I am from ALTOONA,PA (Central PA).
  • Hello ladies, Donna here, 26 from Indiana, doing WW at home after going to meeting with skinny friend for a few months and getting discouraged. I enjoy it much more doing it at home, well, most of the time, but today I was up .4, not even half pound, but enough to make me insane!!