NEWBIE! Trying this at home

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  • I have been on WW since Jan 2005
    I have lost 25pds so I am 7pd from my first 10%
    Due to money and time I need to make a go of ww with out a meeting
    I am buying a ww scale this weekend
    Any advice for me?
    I hope I can do this!
    I have two WW buddies doing this with me and now this forum so I can't say I don't have support.
  • I have been doing it very successfully for about 3 weeks. Do you by any chance have a pda?
  • Hi everyone...

    I am a newbie. I tried WW about 4-5 years ago and it worked really well. I lost a lot of weight but have recently put it back on. I will be purchasing the home kit from WW website. Until then, can someone fill me in as my points range if I weigh 140 lbs. I still have the food companion from winning points, is the food points the same or has they changed too. Can't wait to get my stuff in the mail and to start losing weight.
    HOpe to talk to y'all soon.
  • d56alpine
    no I don't have a pda. Thanks for the hope in sucess though.
  • I just ordered a pda that should be here on the 29th. Once I learn to navigate it I want to purchase the ww tool to use with it. Will it work if I am not subscribed to anything online?
  • Hi all,
    I do have a PDA and i don't have the WW tool, instead i went to Dotties weight loss sight and downloaded her restaraunt guide and I use that when I am eating out, there are soo many restaurants to choose from but you only need to download the ones you want. this is Dotti's link. I do the weight watchers online because I don't have time to go to meetins and it is successful if you are honest with your points. Hope this little helps. I just "re"joined ww again and have had success. Can always use support and encouragement on my journey so I hope to help you guys too.

  • Misty I would love to be encouragement to u. I am always around during the weekdays 8-4. I am not around too much on the weekends working all week on a computer kinda burns me out.
    I don't have a pda but I do use dotties'weight loss zone website alot.
    I am still looking for a ww scale I haven't found one I can afford yet.
    I think I just maintained this week again meaning I am still 1pd from my 10% my 26pds.
    oh well atleast I didn't gain.
  • Hey butterfly! Thats so inspiring that you have lost that much. I really like WW so far. Im doing the online version...which I guess is close to the at home version. If you need any help, let me know. Oh and I saw your exact screenname on health discovery.

  • Butterfly,
    Well, we all hit those weeks that are disappointing. I have the ups and downs daily. I make myself go the YMCA 5 times a week, but I always feel so much better afterwards. As for the scale, I bough one for around 30 at Wal Mart that is digital, i didn't have the money for the WW one. I probably won't be on everyday but ya'll can leave private messages and I'll catch up on here too.

    Good like this week!
  • ChubbyVixen
    It was probaly me. I use to hang out there alot. It was my first forum I had ever been apart of. I had some different thoughts though on how far u should push someone and how hard and I was told over there that was the way it worked. I saw someone I knew hurt badly. A friend told me to check out this forum and I really like it. Thank u for saying I am inspiring I never thought of myself as inspiring. (blushing) I hope u stay in touch.

    Thank u for the encouragement. I will get my scales soon hopefuly.

    I hope I can help yall and I will depend on yall alot.
  • Hey girl! How are ya? I signed up for that forum just to see what it was like. Its not organized and I really didnt like it. This forum has the most amazing women on it. I love the sense of humor that they have here. I feel more at home here. How is WW at home going for you?

  • Happy hump day to all,
    I'm trying sooo hard to behave this week, I splurged this past weekend and have a wedding this weekend so i know i'll be pigging out a little bit. Everyone having a great week? I am still working through the picking and cravings and of course drinking all my water, I feel like a fish. Keep up the great work girls!!!!
  • Ok Girls!
    Keeping in mind my scales are ancient. They are two pds off toward the better I have figured out. So Last week it weighed me at 239-240 which actually means 240-242. This morning it weighed me at 236 so that would be 238 which means I am 1pd under my first 10% which is now a loss of 27pds. I am not getting happy yet though. I am waiting till I secure my new scales atleast by this weekend. But with that said I am still doing a very happy dance.
    Excersizing to me is hard to keep doing I lose intrest fast. I have two body by jake machines and a big ball thing with a video. When these things sat in the living room I used them alot. Now I put them in the bedroom I haven't touched them in a month. It is getting warm now and with my hubby and soon to be 5 year old we get outside alot. Atleast once school is out because RJ's bedtime is 7-8 when I can get him there and most of the time I dont get home till 7. We have invested in a volleyball net. we always have fun doing that. Mostly chasing the ball and digging it out of the weeds in the field. We also got the badmittens and other stuff in the set. I can't wait to try them out. We got them and it has gotten cold again and rainy. So wish me luck and I have also made up a new menu for myself keeping my pts down because I had kinda gotten away from planning my meals and I think I was messing up here and there.
    Anyway I will do this and can't wait to hear what yall's plans are.
  • Butterfly,
    Keep up the good work, sounds like you are on the right track! I hate to exercise too, I'd put the things where you will use them. If you see them you'll be more inclined to work out. I love the outdoors too, can't wait for better weather. I'll be running around at Busch Gardens with my kids all summer and I do so much better staying on track in warm weather when I can get outdoors.
  • Ohhh
    sounds like u will have fun and be very busy this summer.
    I have been to bush gardens in virgina but it was a while back when I was in GS. We took a trip there one summer. I loved the water park. It was one of my highlights of the trip.