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2BFIT1 02-16-2001 09:11 PM

Since everybody did so well on the V-Day Challenge, (a total of 128.7 lbs lost!) I thought we would have another short term challenge for St. Patricks Day. This will give us 4 weeks and something to look forward to.

Everybody and anybody is welcome to join in. :D

You may set a personal goal for yourself but make it realistic (remember, it's only 4 weeks) or you can just see how much you can lose (personally I just want to move in the right direction!) ;)

We will start today thru Monday with our starting weights, then update your weight weekly. As you update, please list amount lost that week and the total amount lost up to that point. This will make it alittle easier for me to tally up the amounts for weekly reports.
Also, please edit out the saying "message edited..." that shows at the bottom of your replies as we go along. This will help to keep the thread from getting too long.

Thanks and good luck everybody

[email protected]

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2BFIT1 02-16-2001 09:21 PM

I am a slow weight loser so I'm not going to post a goal amount. I just want to keep it moving in the right direction. ;)

Feb.16~~126 (starting weight)
Feb.23~~123 (-3 :D)
Mar.2~~ 124 (+1 TOM:( / total -2)
Mar.9~~ 124 (-2 total)
St.Patricks Day~~122 (I weigh-in on Fridays so this is it for me) Total = -4 pounds


Aimers 02-16-2001 11:25 PM

I'm in this challenge! Thanks to 2BFIT1 for starting this thread. I'm setting my goal at 1.5 lbs a week for a total of 6 lbs.
Good Luck to all!
Feb.16~~174 (starting weight)
Feb.23~~173 (Down one! 5 to go--Yikes!)
St.Patricks Day~~


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Dena 02-16-2001 11:42 PM

I'm in for the Challenge. Here goes...

Feb. 19 - 132 1/2
Feb. 26 - 132 1/2
Mar. 5 -
Mar. 12 -
St. Patrick's Day -

177/132 1/2/127

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jelynn 02-17-2001 02:34 AM

I'm up for another challenge. My goal is 7 lbs by 3/17.

Feb. 17 - no scale to weigh-in on! :( Guessing I weigh 210
Feb. 24 - still no scale! Guessing I maintained...
Mar. 3 - still no scale-- maybe down 1-2... Hopeefully I can weigh in this week!!
Mar. 10 -
St. Patrick's Day -


Yvonne 02-17-2001 07:58 AM

My goal is to lose 3 lbs.

Feb.14~~162.8 (starting weight)
Feb.21~~162.4 (-.4 lbs, total down -.4)
Feb 28~~did not weigh in - sick
Mar. 7~~162.8 (+.4 lbs, total down 0 :( )
Mar.14/St.Patricks Day~~162 (down .8 - total -.8)

Mar 14/01
Well...at least it went down! Next week the leader and I are going to be going over my journal for this week. She thinks maybe I am not eating enough - as I do exercise regularly - wouldn't that be awsome!! :)

Mar 7-01
Well, the last two weeks I have never been so "ON program" in my whole time with points!! So the small gain was rather disappointing!!! But...I am in it for the long haul, and this is the way life is and I don't measure my life on one or two bad weeks/setbacks. So I got back up on that horse - I am not scared of it anymore!!! I came home and thought I would lose it with food...and I even looked in the pantry to find something to comfort me, and I really don't even want any food!! So I thought that this alone was a reward enough, maybe even better than a loss on the scale! When I was reflecting on the last two weeks, and tried to measure/justify what happened...I remembered I got into a pair of pants this morning that I have not worn for a year, b/c they were too tight. Well my friends, I wore them today and could breath :)!

Not that I am trying to justify my gain but rather self afirmation I must add~~
As I am exercising more intensely, maybe I am gaining more muscle. Also I was sick, and have been drinking about 2-6 additional liters of water to my regular 2L. So maybe my body is just confused. In any case, I am feeling great and I am learning!

Thanks for listening...I needed to get this out of my system - and read it for myself...this thread keeps me accountable (DH does not quite understand, and I keep this journey of mine private mostly - except for here of course).

Thank you and I hope you all have a great day/week!


~~If you are not hungry, food is not the answer...~~

(I am not taking credit for this quote - but I like it and it helps!)

nanrat 02-17-2001 08:00 AM

Count me in. The V-day challenge worked. Hopefully this will too. My last weigh in will be on the 16th because I weigh myself at school.

2/14: 149.5
2/21: 148.5 (- 1 lb.)
2/28: 147.5 ( -2 total)
3/7: 145.5 ( -4 total)
3/14: 146.5 ( -3 total)
3/16: 146 ( -3.5 total)



Donna 02-17-2001 10:28 PM

Final report fo St Patricks Day
My goal is to lose anything- stop going in the wrong direction
I weigh on Wednesday so here are my weigh days :)
Feb.14~~179.8 (starting weight)
Feb.21~~176.8 :)
Feb.28~~178.2 :(
Mar.7~~ No meeting ( spring break + bad road conditions)
I won't weigh officailly again until next week so my final numbers is
Down 3 pounds

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Jilly's Mom 02-18-2001 03:11 AM

This really sounds like fun.
I will go for 4 lbs. I would really like to be at 150 but might be too big of a goal for the amount of time. Just lost 1 lb after a 4 week plateau!

Feb. 15 - 156
Feb. 22 - 156.5 :( +1/2
Mar. 1 - 155 :) -1 1/2 Total loss = 1
Mar. 8 - 155.75 :( +3/4 Total loss = 1/4
March 15 - 154 :) -1 3/4 Total Loss = 2 lbs.
St. Patrick's Day -

I am happy with my loss since I have been on kind of a stand still since Jan 18th, when I started a regular exercise program.


Feb 22 --Still struggling & Doing everything right!

March 1 -- lost 1 1/2 and ate out every night! Go figure

March 8 -- I had a "friend" on the scale with me today.

March 15 -- lost 1 3/4, I am finally what I was before becoming pregnant!!!

See you next challenge!!! Please keep them coming!!!

CGBuzz 02-18-2001 04:14 AM

Greetings all...I'm game for the challenge..it keeps me focused...good luck to all :)
Monday is weigh in...started August 26th at 185...now at 160...total of 25 lbs to date...so here's hoping there's more to come!!!

To date 160
Feb. 19 160 (no loss this week)
Feb. 26 160 (no loss AGAIN this week..rrrhh)
Mar. 5 158 (-2 lbs. so excited!)
Mar. 12 157 1/2 (1/2 lb loss..I'll take it!) :)
Mar. 19 156 1/2 (1/2 lb loss..a slow loss!!!..lol)

TOTAL..3 lb. challenge loss..not to expectations but will
take whatever I can get lol...here's to the next

Carla :)
185/157 1/2/125

Space 02-18-2001 04:19 AM

I'm so glad you are doing this again...I weigh in on Thursdays. My goal will be 7 lbs. LET's DO IT!
Feb 15: 170
Feb 22: 168.6 (-1.4) :)
Mar 1: 168.6 (no loss)
Mar 8:
Mar 15:
HAPPY DAY ST. PATRICKS http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//dizzy.gif


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Marisa-43 02-18-2001 08:08 AM

Even though I've been faithful to the program for the last two weeks, I seem to have gained two pounds. Very frustating! So rather than looking at a loss on the scales, (although I certainly hope that will happen) my goal will be simply to stay on program. No matter how frustated I get over what the scale says, I WILL stay on program!

Momof2boyz 02-18-2001 08:49 AM

I have 2 goals..weight loss and an exercise goal. My weight goal is 6lbs and my excercise goal is to go to the fitness center (alone http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//nervous.gif ) at least twice a week.
2/17 260
2/24 258 (-2lbs), fitness center once


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shashe 02-18-2001 05:47 PM

Grand Total
I'm in. Thanks for starting the challenge. Just be careful not to celebrate your loss with too much beer, corned beef and Irish soda bread!

Feb. 18: 230(starting)
Feb. 25: 228(-2) Total (-2)
March 3: 228(-0) Total (-2)
March 10: 226(-2) Total (-4)
March 17: 224(-2) It must be the luck of the Irish I really wasn't that great on program.

Take Care,
PS Can you tell I'm psyched for a loss!

bettyboop767 02-18-2001 08:00 PM

Hi everyone,
I'm kind of new to all this and need lot's of support. I would love to take the challenge with a realistic goal of 5 pounds.
feb 18- 184
feb 25 - 183
march 10
march 17

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