St. Patricks Day Challenge

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  • Is it ok if I join the challenge? I am new and i think this group can really help
  • Welcome, ncmom! We were waiting for you.
  • When you go to update your weight, click on the "edit/delete" icon (the one with the paper and pencil).

    After putting in your weight, go to the bottom of your reply where it says [this message has been edited...], click and just press the "delete" key on your computer. Just like deleting something in a letter/email.

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  • My goal for the challenge is 5 lbs

    feb 19-175.5 ( starting weight)
    feb 26-175.5
    mar 5-
    mar 12-
    St. Patricks Day-

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  • I hope to be wearing the green and being below the 185 mark at least.

    Feb.16 - 189.5
    Feb.23 - 189.5
    Mar.2 - 190.5
    Mar.14 - 190
    St.Patricks Day~~ 190
    Liza 195/190/140

    Well, I am going to weigh in on St. Patrick's Day to see if I can squeeze anothe pound out of mystelf. I am also banking points for a beer and some celebrating. Part of my problem is that I love a holiday or any excuse to celebrate, have to find more ways to celebrate without food and drink being the focus.

    Hope there is success out there for lots of people.

    3/18 ~~ I tried to the end but there it is, 190 on St. Pat's Day.

    When does the Easter Challange start??
  • ....running in late!!! seems I put a few pounds on over the weekend with my trip to Ontario, hopefully just water, but I"m still up! Anyway, I'll start the challenge by getting back to where I was and then my goal is 6 more pounds. I'll take any loss in the right direction though. I've been struggling a bit to stay OP and I'm thinking that the St Patricks Day Challenge will be helpful!

    Goal: 235

    Today: 2/22: 243
    2/24: 242 1 to go to get back to 241!
    3/3: 242....I'm stuck
    St Pats Day:


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  • pulling up
  • Hi, all.

    I'm going to join in, with the hopes of getting back at least to where I was at the end of the V-Day challenge.

    Soo... starting now...

    2/22: 194

    3/01: 189 (1st goal met! I'd like to lose another 2 pounds between now and then...)



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  • pulling up for everybody.Good Luck
  • Pulling up. Good luck all.
  • pulling up so everybody can edit their weights. Good Luck
  • Pulling Up
    Pulling Up

  • pulling up