HELP I have questions.

  • Hi,
    I usually post on the 100 # club

    I have been to WW before however It is a 30-40 min drive w/only 1 meeting availble in the evening. This doen't work foe me.

    I also don't meet the criteria for online.
    (not available)

    The points system seems like a good answer for me.

    How does it work over here?
    Can you direct me to a place al;ready in exsistance ( so someone doesn't have to type it out)

    It looks like you might have some sort of meetings and weigh in too

    Thank you
  • Pat, Good Morning.I'm not sure what you mean by not meeting the criteria (not available online). Do you mean that the WW at Home program is not available in your area?

    This group is a mix but most of us do not go to meetings or weigh in at a WW center. We just follow the program at home and use the boards as our source of support and information.
    Other than the weight challenges that we do,we all weigh ourselves on different days. It's whatever works for you.Most of us weigh at home but some go to a meeting to weigh-in but don't stay for the meeting.
    So, like I said we're a mix.
    Anyone and everyone, no matter what program you are following, are welcome to join in our threads. We are always happy to have new people and you will find that this group is very friendly and supportive.
    I hope I answered your question~~~Sil