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  • I hope that everybody is having a good day

    Jenny~~~ I'm so sorry that you are going through such a difficult time right now. It sounds like you and your daughter are addressing the issues and taking care of things. That means you are on the right track, and that's all you can do besides pray. I have faith that everything will work out in the long-run. My son's teen years were no picnic either, and we both survived. Good luck. I will keep you in my prayers.
    You may lurk as long as you want but please know that you can talk about anything you want to~not just weight problems. This is, above all else, a SUPPORT GROUP. And we are all here for you, anytime, for anything!!!
  • Good Morning All,

    Did everyone have the same summer weather we had over the weekend. It was actually too hot. But I did get my walk in. I've made a commitment to walk 4 times this week. I walk with a neighbor around our neighborhood which has some major hills. I know when I originally lost my weight I was walking atleast 4 times a week.

    I drank all my water yesterday which wasn't hard with the heat yesterday. It will be easier to drink all my water now that it is warm.

    I did ok with food. Actually measured out 1/4 cup of ice cream instead of eating out of the container. I know piggy*oink*oink~lol. And more importantly I stopped at 1/4 of a cup. Then DH & kids came home from the park and asked me to go for ice cream. I went and just had some water. I'm going to calculate my points right after I finish posting.

    I'm heading over to the recipe board for some ideas. I'm going food shopping this morning so I want to plan a few meals.

    Everyone is good. I'll talk to everyone later.

    Sil I wish you lived next door so I could get some great gardening ideas. Is this your favorite time of year?
  • GOOD MORNING! ! ! ! ! !

    Yes, the weekend weather was wonderful here, also. We were slow at work and I needed one nurse to volunteer to stay home on Sunday. Nobody wanted to because they all have some planned time off coming up and didn't want to use up their PTO (paid time off).

    Since I had been fighting a migraine and cramps for 2 days, I was more than willing to stay home.
    Spent the day puttering around the yard and pool. Finally had to stop because that darn migraine was getting to me. I was lying on the bed watching HGTV and DH brought me in a Banana-split Blizzard from Dairy Queen. He said that he thought it would make me feel better. Well, I ate it~~and I didn't stop at just 1/4 cup.
    Sharon, you have more will power than I do ~I have never known anyone who could only eat 1/4 cup of ice cream! Good for you for getting in the walking and the water. I agree with you, it IS easier to drink water when it's not so cold outside.
    I will probably spend some time in the yard today but then I need to work on a landscape plan for school. I'm drawing a formal Old English garden with hedge borders, a knot garden, rose garden, arbors, etc. It's due Thursday so I better get a move on.

    I hope that everybody has a great day.
  • Happy Monday!
    Hi Everyone!

    I'm so excited today... for 2 reasons. One, because I'm down 2 POUNDSS!!! YES!!! And two, because I'm going on a hike with my hiking group.

    On Thursday I took my first Tai Chi class. It was awesome. We had a lot of fun and it's really easy to do. You hardly move, but the cool part is that it burns as many cals as walking. Who knew?

    Sil, sure hope your migraine is better. That blizzard sounds yummy. What a nice hubby. Good luck on your projects.

    Sashe, yes, the sun was shining here in So. CA, too, after a rainy few days. Walking 4 times a week is excellent!

    Well, it's time for me to go. Hope everyone has a great day!
  • New Day
    I need to post so that I get back on track today. I've eaten everything in sight today. It stops now. I'm going to start my day over now! I'm off to have some water.
    I hope everyone is doing ok. I had to catch up on reading the post since I was in Texas this weekend. The weekend weather was weird for me. I was in Wichita Falls on Friday and Saturday and I gotta tell you - it was too hot for me. I was literally melting down there. And to top it off I had no car so I had to walk everywhere (which was a good thing and a bad thing at the same time), I was sweating like a pig for two days...... Then I had to get up Sunday at 4:00am to catch a 5:00am bus to get to the airport for a 6:00am flight. I landed in Colorado Springs in horizontal snow. So my weather for the weekend was really strange.

    I am just happy to be home. I miss my house and cats and husband too much when I go out of town. And after getting no sleep over the weekend it felt good to sleep in my own bed last night. Work was ok today, and I drank all my water but was too tired to work out. I think I will just read my 6 inch thick book (of which I have conquered a whole 1/2 inch), and take it easy today. Tomorrow is always another day to get back on track.........

    Sharon - I am glad to see you are doing better. Even if you are having a bad morning you made a commitment to get back on track....good for you.

    Dena - you are just an exercise-o-holic (if there is such a thing)....Keep it up. I will have to look into that Tai Chi - I always wanted to do that.

    Sil - Sorry to hear about your headache. I can't imagine what a migrane feels like. I mean I get headaches but nothing like a migrane.

    Jenny - I hope you are doing ok. And ditto on Sil's words...we are a support group here for all problems...not just weight ones.

    Carla and Ellie - I hope you guys are having a great day!

  • Hi all, well i have been comfort eating and it doesnt work (no comfort at all) and weight gain is not going to cheer me up.
    Im back to my 20 points today and went for a bike ride.

    Lisa is starting with her counselling tomorrow and will be back to school next week.
    The alcohol is where the trouble lays but she is in denial that she has a problem.

    thanks for being there.
  • Good Morning Gals!!!!

    Dena~~~ I'm so impressed by your exercising! It must be a blast having a group that you can go hiking with. Where in So. CA do you live? I grew up in Covina but then spent the next 15 years in Oceanside. In fact, most of my family still lives in O'side. I'm not familiar with Tai Chi~is that with the very slow, controled movements? And is it stress reducing also?

    Pat~~~What a wild-weather weekend you had!! It's always nice to be back home, isn't it? A six inch book? What is it?

    Sharon~~~Let's make a promise that we both stay on track today, OK?

    Jenny~~~Hang in there, gal!!!I hope that all goes well with Lisa's counseling. It may be emotional and painful at first, but you are doing the right thing.

    To all the lurkers, hope you are doing well
  • Good morning!
    Good morning all! not lurking, just busy. Yesterday really flew by, hardly was on the computer at all. It was such a nice day (to begin with). I decided to walk outside instead of on my t/mill in the basement. It felt so good to be outside. I did 1.2 miles in 33 minutes. I know that's a long time, but for me it was speeding right along. Got home, did some laundry, DH was out planting flowers, had the house open, breezy but warm. Then the wind started to pick up, had to close most of the windows, by suppertime it was nasty, rainy, and this morning, have the furnace on again. It is down to 40 degrees here, and cloudy. What a jolt back to reality, and yesterday I could have sworn Spring had arrived!

    We've had gourd bird houses up for a few days, and yesterday a pair of tree swallows were snooping around, in and out, and I think they laid claim to one, so guess we'll be bird g/parents this spring also. Goody, love to watch them.

    Jenny.....glad to hear your daughter will be getting the counceling she needs so desperately. I pray that she will finally come out of denial, and admit that the drinking was the cause of her problems. It is so difficult nowaday to raise kids, more so than when mine were growning up. My oldest is 42 and has his own kids, and believe me, I'm glad I am not doing it now, it was tough enough back then. Keep the faith!

    Sharon.....good for you for coming here and getting back OP. You'll do it! We all have episodes like that, had one myself not a week ago, ate everything I could lay my hands on. , but I'm back OP again.

    Pat......your own bed always feels good doesn't it? Don't you just hate that hot, steamy, sticky weather? I sure do. Would love days like yesterday, all year around. Doesn't have to get much above 75/80 degrees with no humidity to make me happiest.

    Dena.......WTG with the exercise. Sure wish I could get the motivation to do that much. I'm lucky to get out of the house for a walk. I really don't enjoy it, but I know I have to do it. I'm wondering about the Tai Chi, is that what the people are doing on that ad for Celebrex that I see on TV?

    Well, breakfast calls, so guess this is it for now. Have a good day everyone, stay OP. We can all do it you know, it takes determination though, but sometimes my determination gets up and disappears! A day at a time!!

    Hi to Carla and Sil (loved the hearts Sil) too!

  • Hi Everyone, yes I'm one of those lurkers I've been doing ww at home for awhile. I haven't had the success that I've really wanted, but I starting again. This will be the time! No more excuses! I walked for 40 min. today and will do the same the rest of the week. Water is no problem. I think the main problem has been comfort eating. I guess I'll have to sit on my hands or something. That and a bottomless pit son that eats everything in site and doesn't gain an ounce! 6 feet and 125! Isn't that sickening! Well thanks for letting me vent. One day at a time!
  • Hello again!
    I have so much weight to lose that I felt I needed a "bigger" group!! But I haven't had much time to even post there. I thought I would do some serious support-searching this weekend but we got caught in the Springtime in the Rockies snowstorm. On our way home to Cheyenne from Denver, we were stopped 30 miles from home...ALL roads to WY were closed by that storm. Now I'm regrouping from failure to plan!

    I had lost some weight since starting on 4/1 but don't know how badly I did over the weekend since I missed my home wi time and won't look now until next Monday. It is so encouraging, though, to hear all the positive strides everyone is making here. Thanks for all the good vibrations I've felt coming from this group.

    I'll stay in touch and might even try the Memorial Day challenge (even if I'm not sure what it is or where to find it!)

    Chow (oops, I meant "Ciao")
  • Happy Wednesday Morning

    I had good intentions yesterday of staying OP all day and started off good. But by 1:00 I was getting hungry and had to do grocery shopping. I bought a carton of fresh baked cookies, knowing that I usually have will power and will only eat a few (DH will eat the rest). But on the way home I got stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic(road construction) and started eating the cookies I hope to do better today.

    Welcome to Lastimeacharm. It's nice to have you here

    Ellie~~~ The birds are fun to watch, aren't they? We have a pair of Wrens that have a nest in the ceiling beams of our covered porch. They have made a nest there for the past 3-4 years!

    NoClue~~~ I understand your desire to find a group that you can feel a connection with. You are always welcome to post regularly, pop in occassionally, or just lurk
    Didn't you mention once about going to Italy once you retire? I spent 2 weeks there about 4 years ago~~ Venice, Florence, Rome and Sicily~~~loved it!!!! One of my favorite places was in the southern area~ Sorrento and the island of Capri. If you can, be sure to go there.
    Check out the travel books at your bookstore and look for The Eyewitness Travel Guides. They are the most incredible travel books!!!!! Take a look and you'll see what I mean.

    The Memorial day Challenge can be found under the WW section, the " Weigh-ins and Countdowns" threads. Hope to see ya there.
  • Good Morning, Everyone!
    Nothing too exciting to report this morning. Just checking in to say "hi."

    Sil, Pat and Ellie, my Tai Chi class is just like the one you see in the commercial on TV. The class has people of all ages and sizes and is really simple to do. By doing the movements, we create energy and heal whatever needs to be healed in our bodies. Did I mention that the instructor started doing this 25 years ago, after she was in a serious car accident and the doctors told her she would never walk again? She started doing Tai Chi from her wheelchair.
    Well, guess what... She's walking just fine! And yes, Sil, Tai Chi is a destressor, too. I go to class again tomorrow. Can't wait.

    Hope everyone has a great day!
  • Just checking in too. Did good OP yesterday. Had my walk in today and doing good counting points, so I'm a happy camper so far! I also had a suggestion for 2BFIT1~next time put those killer cookies in the trunk! Hope everyone is doing great today. Here it's another day of wind! I would take the snow anyday!!! Take care everyone!
  • Howdy Partners
    Hey all - nothing new to report for me either. I just wanted to pop in and say hello.

    I knew we were missing someone - welcome back Jody. I was caught in that Spring snowstorm also this past weekend, and a friend of mine was in Cheyenne and she got stuck there this weekend.

    Lasttimeacharm - your saying cracks me up - Blessed are those that hunger and thirst - for they are sticking to their diets. Ha Ha Ha.....

    Jennie - I hope you are doing ok.

    Sil, Ellie, Carla, Sharon, and Dena - have a great Thursday!

    I hope everyone is having an OP day,