2005 WW At Home Program info?

  • Any info out there about the new 2005 WW At Home Program kits? Their website says the kits won't be shipped until the end of August. Just wondering if there are any major changes. (I hope not - am having a hard enough time with the current one!)
  • The scuttlebut on the WW message boards is that there will be a list of core foods and then a list of other foods on which you may use flex points. Some have noticed that some of the WW products, such as the ice cream cones, now say "2 Flex Points" rather than 2 points. The thought is that WW is answering the low carb craze. Of course, this is all just pure speculation on the part of the posters there. Most are reporting that their WW leaders are saying the changes aren't going to be all that big.