Weigh in at home 3/19 - 3/25

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  • I'll be back later after I catch up
  • Hi everyone.

    Liza - I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. I hope your SIL is better soon. It is nice to get other people's perspectives on the program.

    Holly - Well, the Robin's eggs aren't around to tempt me anymore. Unfortunately, they aren't around because I polished them off on Friday.

    Friday was pretty much a washout for me, what with the Robin's eggs and all. It was a good reminder why I can't keep a candy jar on my desk - I can't keep out of it. But, I hopped right back OP over the weekend and I'm posting a 1lb loss.

    I was feeling a bit bummed this morning and pretty much ready to throw the program to the winds. I was hoping for a bit larger loss based on good sneek peaks this weekend, but am still dealing with water retention. My knee is also stiff and swollen (on the same leg as the bad ankle) and I'm pretty stressed out right now. But I realize that eating isn't going to make any of those things better and I doubt I'd even enjoy it knowing I was undoing three weeks of hard work. So I've strengthened my resolve and I'm sticking to my food plan for the day.

    Have a great day everyone.

  • Carla – Way to go girl on that 1 pound loss! I was sorry to hear about the problems you had last week – those eggs are tough to resist – but the important thing is you didn’t give in to the “well I blew so I may as well blow it big” thinking. That’s the way to succeed long-term. I’m sorry that you are stressed and your knee is bothering you – kudos for having the conversation with yourself that eating isn’t going to make it better. Here are some {{{{{HUGS}}}}}} – I hope they help.

    Holly – way to go on handling that luncheon so well and I’m glad that we could help you do it. Even better that you are enjoying “working the program”. I have Charlene’s “Low Impact, High Intensity”. I use it when I need a low impact workout that gets my heart rate up. The only thing about it that doesn’t thrill me is that the choreography is pretty basic but like I said, it fits the bill when I need a low impact (non-step) workout.

    Liza – sounds like you handled St. Pat’s day very well. I’m so sorry to hear about your SIL – those are supposed to be very painful. What the woman at work said makes sense and I think it works for me too.

    My weigh in was last Thursday and was very pleased with the 1.4 loss. I did OK on Saturday for lunch and dinner but didn’t do so well Saturday night. We were babysitting and Tony made Anthony an ice cream cone. Of course Grandma didn’t have to have one with regular full fat ice cream but she did and then I had a few more snacks. I didn’t calculate the damage because my new week begins Sunday. We had a great time with Anthony though. Gosh, it amazes me that he just keeps getting cuter and cuter! I did OK yesterday – took a second day off exercise because I was just exhausted – not just from babysitting and I ended the day with a 2 point deficit. I’m determined to recover this week from Saturday’s little binge and so far have done well. I did a new step tape at lunch and wiped out the deficit. I hope to concentrate on the sweater tonight and in doing so keep my hands busy.

    Have a great Motivated Monday!
  • Judy - Congrats on the loss. That's great, especially since you weighed in a couple of days early and in the evening to boot. Thanks for the hugs. They do help. I'm just going to have to accept that working the program today (this week?) is going to be tough and I'm just going to have to ride it out. My clothes are feeling looser, so that's cheering me up. Now I just hope I can get to exercise soon. I'm having my monthly dinner out tomorrow and I was hoping to do some bike riding in the morning and then walk to the restaurant to build up some points. But, I'm not going to push it.

  • Whew, am I glad this weekend is over. Both in-laws are in the hospital, went to a 6 hr Irish wedding Sat., helped move 1 son and managed to get in some gardening. The in-laws situation is a real stress - one has a fractured hip and the other a fractured disk and what to do when they are discharged. My FIL fell and fractured his hip while visiting my MIL in a skill nursing facility - really sad. This sends the message home loud and clear, on how we need to stick with an excercise program.

    Anyway, sneak peaks look stable and a pair of pants I haven't worn in a while felt a little loose. It was kind of funny that things were hectic this weekend and, yet, I felt in control. I did my usual walking this weekend and for some added excercise, I tried to dance the Irish jig a wedding Sat.!!

    Last son moved out and now we have a free room. Talked about keeping our ears open for a used TV and VCR to use for excercise tapes, etc. Wouldn't that be neat.

    Judy, I think I eat plenty of high fiber foods. I really wonder sometimes if it's a multivitamin I take. Congrats on the loss last week and sure you will excercise away that ice cream cone.

    Holly, I love your cartoon with your messages. Keep us posted on what neat things you find with the site.

    Carla, you have been doing really well the last few weeks. Maybe you are having more of a maintenance week. Watch that knee and do what you can.

    Ok, on with the week - Jan
  • Carla - Congratulations on the loss. Sorry you were stressed, but as you said, eating won't help. The candy sitting on the desk is a tough one. Yahoo on the looser clothes.

    Judy - Way to go on the loss last week, especially with the early weigh in.

    Jan - Sorry to hear about your in-laws. Way to go staying in control over the hectic weekend and getting in your exercise. The free room for exercise sounds like a good idea.

    Well, more stress hit last week. Sara had an accident Thursday night. No one was hurt, and we can drive the car (after the Saturn dealer took off a piece that was hitting the tire). Sara said the lady turned off a private road onto the highway and hit her. The lady claims Sara changed lanes as she was turning on to the road. The cop said it looked like it happened the way Sara says and gave the other lady a ticket, but her insurance company won't pay for our repairs...want more time to finish investigating.

    I didn't do too bad with the eating, but still ended up with a pound gain. Its TOM though so I think it is water. I'm a point under max today and went for a walk yesterday and today.

    Talk to you later.
  • Carla - That's super that your clothes are feeling looser. I know what you mean about some weeks being tough - it sounds like you are ready to battle that PMS monster. I think you are right not to push the exercise too much - maybe just ride the bike - that has to put less stress on your ankle than a lot of walking. Good luck at your dinner - I know you'll do fine.

    Jan - I love your pansy! I planted a couple of them last weekend and so far they are OK. I'm so sorry to hear about your in-laws - that's just awful. I hope you and your husband can figure out what to do when they are discharged. You are right about the exercise program and for women especially, weight training. I'm glad to hear that your sneak peeks are looking good and you did so well this weekend under all of that stress and hectic schedule. Turning that free room into an exercise room sounds like a great idea.

    Pat - Sorry to hear about the gain but I'm sure it's water. It will be gone last week for sure. Thank goodness Sara is OK. Aren't insurance companies a pain? Considering the fact that the police are laying the blame on the woman, the insurance company will have to come around - they just want to delay figuring that maybe they'll get away without paying.

    I had a good day yesterday. I did 2 exercise sessions, aerobics at lunch time and weights after work. Even with a little snacking in the evening, I still have a point in the activity bank. I may have strained my shoulder so I think I will have to lay off the weights for a couple of days and since I iced it last night, I didn't knit last night. I hope to get to the sweater tonight.

    Have a great Think Thin Tuesday,
  • Hi everyone.

    Jan - Yikes, what awful news about your in-laws. I'm so sorry. That's a lot on your shoulders and I'd admire how you were able to keep you're eating under control this past weekend. Sounds like you had fun at the wedding. I like you're idea for the exercise room.

    Pat - Sorry to hear Sara had an accident. Thank goodness she's ok. But who needs those insurance hassles, huh? I know that gain is just water and it will be gone next week.

    Judy - I hope your shoulder feels better soon. Good job banking an activity point.

    I'm in a more positive mood today and staying OP doesn't seem like so much of a burden. I'm eating low points today so I can really enjoy my dinner. I usually don't count points at these monthly dinners, but I do try to behave myself, food-wise. No exercise today - sleep won out, but since my knee is better I think I will try to walk to the restaurant.

    Have a great day everyone.

  • Hi guys! I'm posting a 2 lb loss :-). I guess that exercise tape over the weekend really helped out. I was worried at weigh-in because I had eaten up all my exercise pts in ice cream on Sat. night, and felt really bloated all weekend.

    Cece - Congrats on your loss, and NOT giving up! Do you feel empowered recognizing the stress and making the decision not to "feed" it? You should!

    Judy - You remain the Queen of Exercise! I'm so impressed with the amt. of exercise you do, and it must be serving you well as you keep losing :-) When I get a chance to "craft," I find that I don't even think about food. Unfortunately, I find it impossible during the week when it is just me and my son. I've had a couple great weekends where my SIL has come over, the kids play, and we sew/scrapbook/etc... It's great!

    Jan -- I'm so sorry about your inlaws - how awful. I hope things work out. I find that having my clothes get looser (or just plain fit ;-) ) is a great motivator.

    Pat - I'm glad your daughter was OK - scary stuff. Good for you staying OP and walking :-) It's probably not a good idea to even take a weight during TOM :-P Just too depressing! I'm sure you'll see the difference next week...hang in there.

    Talk to you guys tommorow! Holly
  • Judy - Way to go on the two exercise sessions. Sorry to hear about your shoulder. Hope it feels better soon.

    Carla - Hope you are enjoying your dinner out. Glad to hear your knee is feeling better. Did you get to walk to the restaurant tonight?

    Holly - Congratulations on a great loss.

    I had another good day today and even got out for another walk...three this week! With the weather getting warmer and it staying light outside longer its getting easier to work them in again.

    Talk to you later.
  • Well, I am getting closer to the 190 mark, down 2 more. I am feeling better and hope to move past the 190 mark soon. I am making better choices with less agony and the portion control is going well. I am still studying the exercise incorporation.

    Jan - go for the extra room and the exercise. I cleared out the spare room and share it now with the computer. I have my ski machine set up with the VCR/TV that DH gave me for my birthday and I love watchig my taped shows while exercising. I am now trying to get two bureaus out of the room to be able to do my yoga tapes more comfortably. It is really great to have the space and not use the living room where the big TV is. (this also allows the two year old to have her Thomas tapes while I am doing the ski machine.) Now I have to work on motivation.

    Also Jan, so sorry to hear of all your trials, you are doing so well staying on program and focusing on other things.

    Judy, hope your shoulder does not interfer with your knitting. I am starting a new baby present for DH's coworker and I smashed my left hand into the wall and the fingers are still stiff because I can not really let them heal because, of course, I am left handed.

    Everyone sounds like they are really planning for success and hopefully we are all on track for some real good weight loss.

    Liza 195/192/140
  • Carla - I'm so glad to hear that you are doing so well staying OP. I know you've got those monthly dinners down pat - were you able to walk to the restaurant?

    Holly - Wow - congratulations on the 2 pounds! I'm a firm believer in exercise as a necessary part of this process (as you all know). I've found that eating my exercise points is OK - otherwise I'm not getting enough food and my body goes into starvation mode. That could be working for you too. I had to laugh at Queen of Exercise. The truth is I've found exercise activity that I really enjoy and that makes it easy to keep up.

    Pat - way to go on getting those walks in. Spring is definitely coming and I can't wait. I saw my first couple of robins, my crocus are blooming and if it wasn't for the no'easter coming today, I'd try to get out for a walk today or tomorrow. Unfortunately the weekend is looking chilly…. Have you thought of starting your run/walks this year?

    Liza - congratulations on getting rid of another 2 pounds! Ow - I hope your hand feels better. I didn't knit last night to give my shoulder a rest; I hope to get some done tonight.

    I had an OK day yesterday - I did that great step tape again because I enjoyed it so much and earned a whole mess of activity points. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm a few days early, I'd swear that it's PMS. Salty and sweet cravings galore. The upshot was that I had a measured amount of the peanut M&M's Tony bought and ended the day ½ point in the hole. Not bad, but I asked him to finish the M&M's last night (which he did) and I was thinking of tossing them in the garbage if he brings them home again. I told him how much trouble I've had with knowing they were in the house this week. Hopefully, that will keep him from bringing home another big bag. Anyway, today was supposed to be an exercise rest day and a higher point dinner. I told Tony we may have to switch dinners to a lower point one. I'll see how I feel when I get home - maybe a yoga tape would help me feel less stressed.

    Have a great Water Logged Wednesday (which I need after last night!)
  • Hi Ho folks,

    Judy, Poor Tony having to finish your M&M's. That's a good way to manage that. You are so good at balancing out your excercise and high point dinners. Yoga does sound like a good de-stresser.

    Liza, you are getting closer and more importantly, you are feeling better. The good portion control will give you results soon.

    Pat, sorry to hear about Sara's accident. Hope things are going well with insurance and all that. Yea, on the 3 walks. I agree it's a lot nicer with it staying lighter and not having to bundle up so much.

    Carla, glad your knee is feeling better and that the program doesn't seem so much of a burden. Have a good walk to the restaurant.

    Holly, terrific news on your loss. That excercise did really well for you.

    Well, hopped on the scale and no change. But the needle looked like it wanted to move down (doesn't that count for something.) At least it provides a little motivation for me. One thing is this week I am not as hungry or craving stuff.

    Too early for my in-laws to be progressing too much - it's hard to see the poor babies in such pain. The bad news is that these hospitals are so short-staffed, so I am walking MIL every visit. I think she is starting to dread my coming. Also, I asked the nurse why they were giving beef to my FIL every meal when he has a heart condition. She replied that she could have it cut up more. I was shocked that she didn't get what I was trying to tell her. My stomach has been in such knots that I walk every chance I get. It is amazing how you muscle up strength for these things.

    Started to feel depressed yesterday and thank goodness for a very funny coworker, who really got me laughing.

    Have a good laugh today and plenty of water (maybe not at the same time), Jan
  • Hi everyone.

    Holly - Congratulations on another terrific loss! Yes, I do feel empowered that I made the decision not to feed the stress! Each time I accomplish something like that, it makes me feel stronger and less likely to cave the next time.

    Pat - Yay for three walks this week! The nice weather sure does help.

    Liza - Congratulations on a great loss and on moving in on 190! I know what you mean about making better choices with less agony. Sorry to hear about your hand - I hope it heals soon.

    Judy - Peanut M&Ms in the house would just about do me in. I applaud your ability to eat a measured amount and then make Tony eat the rest. Perhaps next time he buys a big bag, he can keep them in his car. :-)

    Jan - Yep, the needle looking like it wants to move down counts for something. I'm glad to hear you're not being bothered by hunger or cravings this week. I'm so sorry that you're finding the level of care your in-laws are being given so worrisome. I can't believe a health care facility would be feeding all that beef to anyone, let alone an elderly man with a heart condition. I hope things improve for the both of them soon. And kudos to you for dealing with this stress by walking.

    My dinner last night was very good. I'm sure I went over points (especially since wine was involved) but probably didn't do too badly as I had a lot of veggies. I did't walk to the restaurant - I didn't trust my knee or ankle with the distance I would have had to go. But I did walk home from the train station, so I got my cardio exercise in. I just got done enjoying a delicious lunch. I went to the healthy Mexican take-out place, where they have a nutrition guide so I can calculate points, and made my own nachos with baked chips (not my favorite, but when you smother them with stuff, they'll do), refried beans, salso and FF sour cream. I was bummed because I had also ordered a small side of guacamole and they forgot to include it. But, I saved myself 4 points that way so I guess there's a bright side.

    And Mexican food is reminding me of Tammy. Are you out there lurking? If so, stop in a say "hi".

    Have a great day eveyone.

  • Jan - Well, a maintain is better than a gain and it's great to hear that you are motivated, not as hungry and not craving stuff. That nurse sounds like a nightmare! I hope they improve soon. It must be such a strain on you (and on them of course!) Just a clarificiation: I asked Tony to finish the rest of the M&M that HE brought into the house. Believe me, I finished the amount I measured out.

    Carla - Way to go on managing your dinner well and walking from the train station. I know what you mean when wine is involved! That lunch sounded great. I have a new favorite lunch for when I'm at home that has spicy flair to it. I'm not sure if the ingredients are available all over. I take a Tumaro's Homestyle Hony Wheat 100%ff tortilla (1 point) and smear a little refied beans on it (1), then take some Veg-All Cajun or Spicy style canned veggies drained and spread them on (I count them as 0.5 point 'cause there's some corn and carrots in there). I top the whole thing with a little bit of lf shredded cheese and pop it in the toaster oven on broil - yummy, spicy and low point! As for the peanut M&M's - I groaned when I saw Tony come home with them. I asked him to put it on a high shelf which he did but I KNEW they were there all week. I was feeling a little PMS'y last night and almost told him that if he came home with them again, I would throw them out! I'm glad I opted for the alternate way of discussing it.