Just Joined WW Today. Need All Help I Can Get

  • Hello! So , i joined weight watchers online . Im feeling a bit overwhelmed. I signed up for the online ww program only so i dont have access to meetings. Where do I start? Please help. Thanks all ! Im just desperate to lose weight.
  • Hi C -- me too! I joined last Monday online at lunch time, but hadn't shopped or planned ahead and went over 14 points on my first day I managed to stay on plan the rest of the week until yesterday. I went to a cookout and was being very good -- hamburger with no bun and all that -- then had a scoop of potato salad and a slice of cheesecake. Who knew cheesecake was 28 points?! So, starting over today, planning and shopping, and next time I'll check points first. But the cheesecake was really good, since I made it myself
  • Just a quick reply to my update:

    Ive been on weight watchers since may 11, 2018 (it is now June 21, 2018). Within the 5 weeks, ive lost 11 pounds. The free style program has a ton of zero point foods and if you're not careful with the amount of zero point foods youre eating, you can actually gain weight. I signed up may 10 but may 11 was my start date.

    Heres a breakdown of my weight loss week by week

    Starting may 11, 2018 166
    May 18 . 162.4 . - 3.6
    May 25 . 161.2 . -1.2
    June 1 . 159.4 . -1.8
    June 8 . 157.8 . -1.6
    June 15 . 156.8 . -1
    June 22 155 . -1.8

    It's a slow amount of weight loss per week but im losing and thats all that matters. I work out 4 times a week , 45 minutes on elliptical and 20 minutes on the bike. I also do 10k steps a day. I eat fruit and veggies and carbs.
  • Are you still doing this? I would love to know where you are!