Weight Watchers For 2018

  • Hello everyone! So I had lost 100 pounds, partly using WW program. Since my mom passed away in Jan 2017 and I quit smoking, I have managed to put back on 40 pounds

    My wife and I are re-starting WW at home in the New Year. 2017 was our year to quit smoking, 2018 will be our year to take this weight off

    Anyone up for keeping this thread alive in 2018 as a chit-chat/accountability thread?
  • Hi, I am using the ww at home website. They have just changed up the program to something called freestyle that has a big list of protein foods and new vegetables that are counted as zero. So it may seem really different to you or may be the best news ever.
    When I started they were offering a fitbit flex for free if you signed up for a year so that turned out to be the best part of the deal for me.
    Good that both of you are going to do the program- no separate meals to worry about.
  • That was a good deal getting the Fitbit Flex 2Bees. Sometimes they offer free months, etc.

    I don't do WW anymore. The new Freestyle could be good or bad. It's nice to have the zero points foods, but you could eat 3 meals just from the list of zero points food, and then have all your points left. You could use all those points and still be "on plan" but you would definitely be eating too much and probably wouldn't lose weight. It's all about common sense, but some would use that as an excuse to say that WW doesn't work. I think WW is a good weight loss program if followed correctly.
  • I personally have been liking the new program so far. I'm a vegetarian, and having beans, tofu, and eggs all free has been amazing. I think that it's a good shift towards a healthy lifestyle, as long as you take into consideration the no points doesn't mean no calories. Just because I could eat a dozen eggs and leave all my points for treats in a day doesn't mean that I will. I think most people with good common sense will try and shift towards eating more of the zero point foods, but still using daily points for additional healthy foods like whole grains. And with the daily points being lowered, it's harder to eat unhealthy, higher point foods IMO. They have more of an impact on your day.
  • Hi everyone. We're still doing the old points plus program. Works fantastic for us historically, so why change a good thing
  • I am finding the new Freestyle program works really well for me. I have been concentrating on the zero point foods in order to make foods with points more filling. Thank goodness I like eggs and dried beans and peas since they have been very handy and cost effective as well.
  • The posts on the Weight Watchers section have really dropped off recently. I'm wondering how many people there are on 3FatChicks doing WW, but just not posting in this section because there's not much current activity. I see there are a couple still posting on the Turtles group.

    Is there still an interest in this section at all?
  • Maybe I am the subforum killer, not just a thread killer. I felt like I did that on the Sonoma forum.
    This is a good forum, 3fatchicks, but there are way too many sections. I think Weightwatchers is hard to comment on because of its proprietary system. If you post the zero list of foods for example that could be breaking their 'rules'.
    I think the food list and tracker for WW is easy to use-for the day or week
  • I think 3FatChicks was a lot busier in year gone by and they tried to have different forums to satisfy everyone, but now so many people are more interested in social media.
  • I am new to WW and would like this thread/forum to continue. WW has changed their website and it doesn't have a community board like this anymore.
  • I am new here and just found this forum. I hope this thread continues. Since I just started Monday it's too soon to tell how it will work, but I like the new Freestyle plan so far. I love the app with the bar code reader for getting point values.