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  • Liza - I was touched by your story of the ladybug. It was really cute.

    Sil - Hope you have better weather soon. It was absolutely gorgeous here today. Almost 70 degrees and mostly sunny. Funny - I remember complaining last year on the first day of Spring about how cold it was. Maybe this summer will be a better one for us out here in Colorado.

    Since it was the first day of Spring I got out my "Spring pants", pants that are a cream colored silk with blooming red, yellow and orange flowers on them. I had to wear them today with a very large button down red blouse becuase I had to hide the saftey pins holding the pants up. So even though I may not have made progress in the last few months I have some reminders of how far I have come.

    Hope everyone is having a great day.....
  • yikes yikes yikes
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