Non Scale Success: Dinner time

  • Hey everyone,
    I just wanted to share a small dinner time victory from yesterday... I was planning a splurge dinner, chinese food... and i bought HEALTHIER options.. But it was still going to be a high dinner...

    After eating, I still had 12 points on my plate that i had not eaten!!!! So my splurge dinner, became only a SLIGHT splurge!
  • That's an awesome success!!! Congrats on having your craving and keeping it within your numbers.

    Sometimes I just need a taste of what I am craving but then I end up just taking "one more spoonful", I tell myself it won't hurt. I'm so happy for you!
  • Good for you. That's one of the secrets we all have to learn to be able to get to the point where a splurge is still healthy eating. I LOVE chinese food, but have given up on take out and now resort to just fixing it myself. Takes some time, but it satisfies those cravings.
  • Yayyy!