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Unhappy My 6th time back on WW & on the "healthy lifestyle" change & I feel like a loser :(

I been battling weight my entire life and only know what it feels like to be smaller & secure in my own skin for 3 years and that was a few years ago back in h.s when I lost alot of weight & was 170-180lbs. (but i was still overweight but carried it well and felt great!)

But after I graduated I ballooned up to my highest weight which was 312.

Ever since then I have been trying to lose weight off & on & always fail. I'll do good for a week or 2 or the longest I went was 4 weeks, but somehome I will alway end up failing and falling off track.

Its been 3 1/2 weeks since Iv been on track & weighed myself yesterday & saw that I gained 10lbs since the 20th of June, which I got down to 258 from starting at 268 on June 19th.

I weighed in yesterday at 268 What makes me most upset is that I 1st joined WW in Feb of this year & lost 9lbs the 1st week! If I would've just kept going strong I would be prob 40+lbs down by now! Thats what makes me most upset.

Its already mid July & I DO NOT want to go into a new year yet again battling this same problem. I'm terrified that I am going to live out my 20's being fat, depressed and sitting in the house all the time bc A. I'm soo insecure & B. which is the main reason, is bc all the temptations like food & drinks.

I want to be able to do all these things and not worry about if I eat a chicken wing or drink a margarita I'm falling off track & have to "start over Monday"

I want to do WW bc it seems like the easiest for me & I really do love the program. I had to stop going to the meetings bc I cant afford it & cancelled my Etools bc I never used it. I go on websites like here, & myfitnesspal all the time so I'd just utilize these. But I did like the website & if I had the $ I would've contniued using it.

My problem Im having is I can't get movitvated to get back on track. I started eating healthier yesterday and so far today but my mind is still so cloudy & I've been staying up so late like 4-5a.m waking up at 11-12noom and just feeling like I have no schedule & just all over the place.

I also work all the time which stresses me out too.

I just need to get motivated and Im having sucha hard time doing so

This is my 6th or 7th time re trying WW & I just feel like a complete fool.

SOrry about the rambling and the spell mistakes Im typing as fast as the thoughts are coming to my head with out re reading what Im saying.

Is their anyone that has been in a similar situation?

Any words of encouragement?

Thank u for reading
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I"m not a weight watcher person but 1. Stop beating yourself up. you recognize you have an issue and are trying to deal with it. Its a process.

I think you need to think about why you keep falling off the wagon.

Maybe you need real life support? Maybe a diet buddy who is also on weight watchers? can you use a virtual one? I know for me something that clicked for me was having people I knew who were doing the same thing I was.

Good Luck...its a journey.
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hang in there, I just joined ww for the 7th time, I felt a little foolish too, but the ww staff were great, I have struggled with my weight for years also, very similar story to yours, and it is very hard getting motivated, but what is the other option, continue to lead a unheathy lifestye and be miserable or keep getting back up and forgeing ahead, we may stubble along the way,but we cannot give up, we are worth, good luck and keep going!!!
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I'm 48 years old and this is the first time I've ever been successful on a weight loss plan. I've been on Weight Watchers since January. For most of my life, I found the thought of losing weight completely overwhelming. As I went from being overweight, to obese, to morbidly obese, losing weight became more and more of a monumental task that I just couldn't do. I just couldn't! It was too hard, it was too much weight and I always failed!

Until now.

What is the difference?

For me, it started with finally having enough of the ill effects that my weight caused in my life. It started with fear. It started with disgust. But those things alone aren't sufficient. Oh, they got me started down the weight loss path but they aren't what kept me going.

What happened for me was that I stopped looking at the whole picture. I started doing small changes, one change at a time. My first change was using the Weight Watchers tracker every day for every bite that I ate and simply focusing on staying within my points. I didn't try to add on exercise, I didn't try to do anything else. I just tracked and ate my points.

I lost 12 pounds in the first three weeks. [Edited to add: That first amazing loss was water weight and is not sustainable or healthy. My weight loss now is anywhere form 1/2 pound to 1 pound per week to even weeks without a loss at all. What matters rather then the weekly number is that my overall trend is down.]

After that, I started making other small changes. I added an apple a day to my food intake. Then, I added a banana every other day. Then, I focused on eating 5 servings of fruit/veg. Then...

But you get the picture. One change at a time, one day at a time. I never set a goal of losing X among of weight by Y date. I set goals like I will exercise for 20 minutes today or I will get my healthy oils today. When I fall off the wagon, and believe me when I say I've toppled off that blasted wagon more than once, I reach out to friends to help dust me off and get me back on my feet. Then I climb back up on that wagon.

Take it easy, take it slowly, realize that you are worthy of good health, reach out and hold on. One change at a time, one day at a time, one pound at a time.

Good luck to you!

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Overweight again...dang
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I think the fact that you keep coming back is far more important than the fact that you had to at all. You're not the first and you won't be the last. At least instead of just giving up and accepting your curves, you're working hard to get your weight down. So really, you're not a failure because you gained the weight back. You'd be a failure if you just gave up the fight.

I've lost and gained large amounts of weight 3 times! This is my first time on WW. I did healthy diets to lose the weight before, only to gain it back. This time, all bets are off. I'm just doing what I can to get to where I want to be.

Weight is a life long struggle for so many of us. Like quitting smoking or any other issue, it can take many, many tries before we are successful. The key is to keep trying. Keep your eye on the prize. You know what it feels like to be thin. You can get there again!

I'm going to share my trick for staying on track. I weight myself every single day. I know this goes against the WW way of doing things, but I found that it keeps me accountable. That means after a bad day, or after a good day, I have to face the scale. I can't avoid it or it begins a vicious gain/avoid cycle. If I see my weight going down, I'm motivated to keep doing what I'm doing to keep it going down. If it goes up, I've faced that demon, and I'm motivated to do what I need to do to get my weight back down. If it stays the same, I am glad it didn't go up, and it motivates me to keep on my path to losing again.

You have to be able to accept the ups and downs as they happen. You have to be able to accept days when the scale doesn't move. I still consider one day a week to be my official day, but I step on that scale daily. Of all the times in my life that I've gained, it's because I didn't use my scale.

You just have to find what works for you, and baby steps.

Good luck!
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Hang in there girl, and you definitely cannot beat yourself up. We've all been int he same boat (I know I certainly have, your post could have been written by me). I'm still struggling with sticking to my WW plan, but you know what? Every time I fail I keep going back to it. Why? Because I know it works, I just have to find the motivation to keep doing it. I think it would be far worse if I just threw in the towel and never thought twice about it again. I know I want to lose weight, I just have to figure out what's going to work for me. Each time I fail, I try to alter things to try something different.

So my advice? Quit being hard on yourself. And DO NOT think of yourself as a fool. You are NOT a fool, because you're here asking for advice and looking for support. That makes you pretty darn smart because you're reaching out for help. We've all been there... heck, I'm still there lol. You can do this! Just DON'T give up. Something will click eventually. I'm in the same boat you are right now, so if you need a buddy or someone to be accountable to, I'm here. My highest weight was 330 lbs and right now I'm hovering at about 275.
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I lost a bunch of weight in 2007 and went from 312 lbs to a size 16! But my diet buddy wanted to take a diet break for the holidays and we said we'd start back up after New Years 2008. We never did. I ended up gaining it all back and find myself this time around at 18 lbs heavier than my starting weight in 2007! But I just had to pick myself up, dust myself off, and look forward. Set some more manageable mini-goals. My 1st mini goal is to shed that 18 pounds and get back down to 312 like my starting point in April '07. I'm almost there, 5 pounds to go. Smaller goals make great stepping stones to bigger goals.

Also, I have fallen into the trap of messing up and saying I'll start over Monday too many times! You don't need to do that. Just keep on counting your points and forgive those little mistakes. It isn't all or nothing! I took 4 days off from 6/28-7/1 and I gained back 5 lbs from it! I learned I can't take more than one free day. If you overeat at dinner that doesn't mean you need to quit and restart next week. Just write down the points and keep going. If I hadn't stopped for 4 whole days I wouldn't be 5 lbs shy of my first mini goal. I'd be doing my happy dance and looking toward the next goal: to get below 300 lbs. If you stay on plan but go over one day because you had a margarita, that probably won't cause you to gain. But the constant starting and stopping probably will.

Just remember to take it one day at a time, one baby step at a time. good luck!
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How could you be a loser? You're actively working to accomplish something that's important to you, even though it's difficult. You've lost 48 lbs. That's awesome! You're not a loser. You're a contender.

People who lose weight and keep it off often "fail" a lot in the process of figuring out how to get to (and stay at) a healthy weight. This is normal and well documented.

If WW works for you and you can afford it, rejoin. It's a good program. If you can't afford it, you might consider trying a DIY version with the materials you have, calorie counting (which can be a hassle sometimes, but it's cheap and works well), or using a reputable weight loss program laid out in a book (no membership fees, and you may be able to borrow the books from a library).

It sounds like not having a schedule is causing you problems. Are there things you can do to give your life more structure? Just doing things like making a habit of going to bed at a (pre-determined) reasonable hour and packing a lunch the night before work can be very helpful in keeping everything under control.

Don't worry about being "motivated" or losing x amount of weight in y amount of time. Motivation comes and goes, and nobody has complete control over when things happen. Take it one decision at a time. When you make a decision that you decide was not in your best interest or that makes you feel bad ('cause everybody makes those types of decisions now and then), think about why you made the decision you did and what you can do next time to have a better outcome. And if you do go out and find yourself halfway through a margarita and thinking, "why am I drinking this?," remember that you can always choose not to finish it. Or, if you do finish it, you can choose not to have another one. Weight loss is not an all-or-nothing deal. Every good choice you can make (even if it's just saying no to that second margarita - who does this Margarita chick think she is, anyway?) is something to be proud of and something you can build upon in the future. And if you end up having the second margarita? Think about what you can do differently next time and try and put it into practice the next time you're in a margarita-infested place.

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I should be at least 10lbs lighter than what I am, I let sinus surgery ( a month ago) get in my way. You are going to have to find what motivates you. I tell you what, from all that I read, stress is not good for your body and is probably part of the problem. I really realized how much fruits and vegetables are suppose to play a huge role in the diet, sugar and meats and grains, not so much. But that is me, you need to find a good combo that works for you. I am reading about eating combos right now and it makes sense.
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You are not a loser! This is my third time on WW and this time around I started at 311 so believe me, I know EXACTLY how you feel.

First, don't look at the big picture. It's scary and overwhelming to think about how much you have to lose total. Start small. One day, one meal at a time. Make small changes each and every day. Get used to those before adding more. Trying to jump in full force sounds like a good idea in theory, but it can backfire if it's too much change too quickly.

In the process, try to stop focusing so much on the scale. Don't make the goal skinny, but healthy. Watch the improvements in your body and health which each change you make. The weight doesn't always come off like we wanted it to, our bodies are mysterious machines sometimes, so you need to have other non-weight-loss related goals to keep you going when that happens!

You can do it! As someone who was in your exact same position a year and a half ago, believe me, it CAN be done and we are here to support you
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