Chat: 6/24- 30

  • cancersuckseggs - That's awesome that you and your sister have a tradition of going to your hometown for your birthdays! I love going on trips. In 3 weeks we're heading up north for the weekend. We'll be tubing on the Manistee River.

    What is the name of your pup and kitty? My dog is a 5 year old Labradoodle named Ari. We adopted him from a family when he was 10 months old.

    How was your weekend? How did you do with your WW points? Friday wasn't great. We ended up at Ruby Tuesday for dinner and I know I over-ate. Then Saturday at my nieces bi birthday party I ate pizza. THEN to top it off my husband took me out on a date and we ended up at this phenomenal Greek restaurant in downtown Detroit. Afterward we stopped at a greek bakery and I got a chocolate canoli.

    To try and make up for all the bad foods I ate, I hit the gym this morning. Afterwards I ended up with a bad case of low blood sugar, which was very scary. I had never experienced anything like that before! I had forgotten to eat before going to the gym, so thats what did it. The rest of today has been perfect though, so at least I didn't let my weekend of over eating detail me.
  • hey!

    good for you for not letting it derail yoyu thats a huge nsv! dlont go to the gym wo food anymore no matter how much you overate. do you know what kidney bean extract is? I always have some for situations like that. I LOVE pizza! Im not having any tho cuz i lose control and more importantly what o call pizza isnt pizza round here but i will be def. having some on my trip cuz the one place we had that was real is gone my dogs name is jasper and my kitty's name is Meeko Chin up!
  • consider taking some kb extract on your trip I know i am
  • oops.. im on core i dont count points
  • Oooh I've never heard of Kidney Bean extract, I'll have to look into that! What exactly is it for?

    I'm not too familiar with the other Weight Watchers plans like Core. What exactly do you do on it?
  • hey KC!

    omg tomorrow is my wi! aah! lol

    Core is where you eat til satisfied on whole foods KB was just on dr oz on fri but ive known bout it for awhile. They are starch blockers Its marketed as phase 2 ior phaseolamin
  • are you on FB?
  • hey KC!

    how was your week? mine was good. smaller loss than expected seeing though i was on a high week but lost 2.8. 21.2 down with 18.6 to go to 40!
  • Hey hey, sorry it took me so long to get back. Work has been super busy. Yep, I'm on facebook. If you check out my blog (listed in my signature) it will take you to my personal facebook page, as well as my blog's facebook page. Would love to be friends on there, so feel free to add me!
  • hey kc!

    was thinking boutcha today how ya doin? im good but busy. my sis came down last night for a long weekend so havin fun but staying op even though @this point i feel like im doing it the wrong way cuz my whole fam is on medifast. i know im right its just weird feelin that way. will add ya
  • Diane - Thanks for the add. Your newborn dolls are amazing and very beautiful! You have quite a collection!

    I'm doing good, can't complain. Got to the gym last night, but only stayed about 45 minutes. It was SO hot here yesterday (my car thermostat said 103 degrees)! I weighed in this morning and am down 8.4 lbs since getting back on plan! I now have 15.4 lbs to go to meet my Vegas goal! I know the weight has been dropping off quick right now because I've recently restarted the program, so I'm sure it will slow down any day now! Lol.

    That's nice that your sister came down for a long weekend and that you're still staying OP! Don't feel like you're doing it the wrong way. You know what works for you, so just stick with that. Other people have been telling me about different things I should try, however I know that the WW plan has been working for me, so that's what I'll stick with.

    Do you and your sister have any plans for the weekend, or are you just hanging out? I have our nieces graduation party to go to tomorrow at the beach. It's supposed to be really hot again so I'll have to make sure to slather on the sunscreen.