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Unhappy Trying to Break The Carb Diet

I started atkins on 1/1/12 and lost 45 pounds on it. I feel that WW is just much more healthy and balanced, its only been a week and a half but I am having such guilt about eating carbs. I dont go crazy, oatmeal in the morning, fruit, whole grain bread, but my first weigh in I only lost half a pound and in makes me want to go running back to atkins!
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Only losing half pound is not bad at all, you are losing at a good pace and trust me you will see higher losses on some weeks and some weeks lower weigh ins. It happens to us all. Just work the program, stay on plan and you will see results.
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If you switched from Atkins to WW in a week, you're body is definately going to adjust to the increase in carbs. Don't fret that the loss wasn't as huge as Atkins. And you can always tweak the WW to reduce those complex carbs so it does keep steady.

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I went from atkins to weight watchers and actually gained a little weight before I started losing again. Your body is used to not having carbs, so when you eat them that is the first thing your body will use to store fat. The fact that you still lost weight with the switch is great!! Dont think half a pound after that big change is bad. Its actually great! Just stick to it and you will notice more and more weight coming off little by little. Your body is just adjusting.

Good Luck with the change! You can do it! Dont get discouraged!
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I have to say that being 'allowed' carbs on WW isn't a good thing for me. When I go by the points, I allow myself carbs that I shouldn't be eating, or eating as much of. Although the 'points' do bring home the message of the caloric impact of a meal, I really do better when I don't eat man-made carbs.
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One thing that is good about WW is that it allows you to lose the weight in the same way that you will maintain it. Most people cannot adhere to a strict diet for the rest of their lives, which is why most people regain the weight. If you follow the healthy guidelines and really count your points, then you will learn better eating habits that will stay with you. On WW, you can also do the simply filling method and not count points everyday, which means that if you can cement your new healthy habits over time, then you can simplify your tracking. It really is a lifestyle not a diet. I know that a lot of people complain that they have trouble on WW because they can eat anything, which means a pile of sugar (been there, hehe). The cool part, though, is that the new system is rigged in favor of protein and fiber. If you let the new points plus system guide your choices while also eating what you like (though you may have to let your tastes change a bit), then you will learn to eat better. I know that I have cut my carbs considerably due to the fact that the plan assigns much higher points totals for carbs. My advice is to avoid eating back activity points unless you are running a marathon or something else that requires a lot of energy. You will be less tempted to splurge on less healthy options. Also, I try to keep my weekday totals close to my daily limit so that I have a bit extra on the weekends (I am still counting points as I am not confident in my new lifestyle yet). Your loss may be a bit slower, but it adds up fast. :-)
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If you have been eating low carb and switch to higher carb you will usually gain a few pounds that isn't true gain but is simply your body hanging on to more water which you need to process all those carbs.

That said, if you want to eat lower carb and follow WW you can easily do both. I stick to between 75 and 100 net carbs a day.

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I usually follow a moderately low-carb exchange plan, but I have a couple "back up" exchange plans for when I want to eat higher or lower carb.

They're all average around 1800 calories, and the weight loss (not counting the first two weeks) is very similar (I lose a little more on 1800 calories of low-carb than I do on 1800 calories of high carb), though I'm much less hungry on lower carb/lower gi.

However when it comes to transitioning from low-carb to high-carb (or vice versa), I need to remember that my body needs more water (and willl hold it) to digest a higher carb diet.

So when I eat more carbs than my "normal" I'm going to see a temporary water weight gain - and likewise when I eat fewer carbs than normal I'm going to see a temporary water weight loss, and I need to remind that neither are "real" losses.

Because water weight can take a while to come on and off, I wouldn't "count" the first two weeks at all when tryubg to make a comparison between a higher carb and a lower carb plan - or when transitioning from one type of plan to the other.

You don't have to keep a constant carb level, but if your carb level is going to vary considerably, you do hvae to learn to be less bothered by weight fluctuations, including varyiable losses and even temporary gains.
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stick with it. youll lose more once your body gets used to carbs again.
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Default same here

I stumbled on this today and I know it isn't too current, but today is my first day doing WeightWatchers. I've been on Atkins for a little over a year and lost 73 pounds, but I haven't lost anything in awhile. It does kind of feel like cheating when I eat carbs because they've been such a no no for so long. I'm buying a food scale and really want to follow WeightWatchers strictly. I just hope it works. I've got a lot more weight to lose and I'm tired of bouncing between the same few numbers on the scale. Please send me an update of how you're doing since switching to WeightWatchers.
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Originally Posted by JessicaCocaCola View Post
I started atkins on 1/1/12 and lost 45 pounds on it. I feel that WW is just much more healthy and balanced, its only been a week and a half but I am having such guilt about eating carbs. I dont go crazy, oatmeal in the morning, fruit, whole grain bread, but my first weigh in I only lost half a pound and in makes me want to go running back to atkins!
I am switching too. I lost 25 in 2 months so I know where you are coming from. WW is a big change after being convinced that carbs are bad.... If you start to figure things out give me some pointers. I am on day one and increased by a few pounds in a few days... I am told it is pry water weight so I am trying not to get upset and go back to atkins..... UG... Wishing you the best!!!
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I understand your frustration. I think overall that switching to WW is a great idea. I have done Atkins and while I got great results (and got to eat some yummy foods) I couldn't sustain it and gained it back. It just isn't practical unless you have a very sound support system. It's like you gain several pounds in water weight just the first few days off alone. I have learned carbs aren't the enemy, but I find myself tending to make lower carb choices when I can on WW, just because my brain is trained that way. The nice thing about WW is you will lose weight eating carbs! Woo! I loved learning to eat carbs and sweets in moderation and making them special treats - not binges to rock my blood sugar sky high. Remember your body's metabolism is adjusting and yes it is JUST WATER WEIGHT you're gaining When you are storing carbs again your body will take on water is how I understand it. It's like when you started your diet, I bet you peed seven times in an hour.

Don't forget to include exercise!!!
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