For us coffee drinkers,what do you use for low point creamer?

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  • I use sugar free coffeemate and for 1 tblsp it adds up to 0 points. Peppermint mocha,hazelnut,pumpkin spice are al 0. If you add more to a second cup make sure to calculate added points.
  • I use the SF or FF coffeemate, I drink a BIG cup in the morning (probably equal to two or three average sized cups) so my points average about 2 for the amout of creamer I use..but..this is something I just calculate into my day. Not giving up the creamy coffee LOL
  • My WW leader uses the WW smoothie packet. I think the whole packet is 1 or 2 points if you make it with water. She just makes the whole packet and keeps it in the fridge to use as creamer. The best part is they come in all kinds of flavors. I thought this was a great idea. Otherwise I am using fat free 1/2 & 1/2.
  • Creamers
    There are several fat free/sugar free creamers from International delight out there now that are delicious. If there is a store where they are not available I always go sugar free. Love flavors in my coffee.
  • I use coffeemate, 1 tbsp = 1 pp. Instead of sacrificing my coffee creamer, I drink half the cups of coffee, and supplement with hot tea. So instead of four cups of coffee a day, I'll have two cups with creamer, and two cups of hot tea.
  • I think someone else mentioned it earlier - I'm currently trying Silk Almond Milk Light. In my 20 oz tervis, I use 1/4 a cup and it's 0 pts. It adds a bit of sweetness and a little hint of flavor =) I can't do anything sugar free, so this find for me was thrilling!
  • In Canada I use Blend (which is equal to half & half in the US). I use 2 TBSP and it equals 1 point.
  • Coffee Creamer for Weight Watchers
    I have started using a protein shake I found called, Premier Protein as my coffee creamer. If you are on Weight Watchers, an entire shake is 2 points, so using 2 to 3 tables spoons may amount to no points. They have vanilla (which I use), caramel, chocolate, strawberry and I believe banana.

    Look for it at Walmart, Target, Costco (in cases). Premier Protein
  • I use a milk frother/heater. It turns 1/8 cup of 2% milk into a yummy latte. I use Splenda Blend because I don't like pure Splenda, so my coffee is 2 points and well worth it. I have the one by Aicok on Amazon. I love that it heats the milk at the same time it froths it. Makes all the difference.
  • Thanks for sharing, I will try
  • I do not use dairy, so I've been using unsweetened oat milk. 1 pt for 1/4 cup, and I use about half that amount per cup of coffee plus some stevia. Oat milk is one of the best nondairy milks in my opinion...and I've tried them all.