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Karen C - That's great news about not having a problem getting a mortgage. It does take a ton of time to buy a house but I agree with Carla, it's a great fresh start! Looks like we lucked out on the snow. It was supposed to snow overnight but I woke up and there wasn't a flake!

Carla - glad to hear that the gain was mostly water and you are bacfk on track. Good for you for getting on the bike again! Yes, it is better if you like exercising - maybe once your knee and ankle are feeling better you can find something that you enjoy more than the bike. In the meantime, I'm glad you have the extra motivation of the SELF challenge. I'm glad you are going to keep the MD appt to check on the meds - I think that's a wise decision. I'm sorry I missed Robin Williams - I start cracking up the second he opens his mouth!

I had a snacky kind of night last night - with the exception of the time I spent online (note to self - get online tonight if you have a late night snack attack). It put me in the whole for 1.5 points but I plan on making that up today. I'm also going to try to do my mini-meals (eating like Rita) more today than I did yesterday. I decided to take the afternoon off today and Tony and I are going to go see Chicago. I'm going to take my lite popcornwith me - it would probably be better if I didn't have any popcorn at all given that I am weighing in tomorrow morning but the movie is at 2:00 so I won't have the popcorn in the evening. I don't know if that makes a difference weigh in wise but I Tony will get some at the theater and if I don't bring in I know I'll end up having the high point variety. I'm going to bring a bottle of water too. I didn't exercise this morning but plan on exercising after we get back from the movie.

A bit of a challenge this weekend - dinner at my mom's for my sister's birthday. I plan on eating very low tomorrow so there's points available for spaghetti and meatballs (homemade sauce and meatballs) and a piece of my mom's chocolate chip chiffon cake. I have a feeling I'll be eating my activity points from today and tomorrow and will need to earn some more on Sunday!

Have a great weekend!
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Hi all.

Judy - Once I get going on the bike, I really don't mind it that much. I think sometimes it's being down in the basement that I don't like. But yeah, I'm hoping that by the time the weather gets nice, my knee and ankles will let me take walks. Then at least I can alternate and not get too bored with any one thing. I think if you guzzle enough water today, the salt from the popcorn shouldn't really hurt you, especially if you watch your sodium intake the rest of the day. Good luck with dinner tomorrow - it sounds scrumptious. I'm glad to hear you didn't get snow. My sister reports that they got another 10 inches in Virginia and that my nephews' schools were closed Wednesday through today. That's after being closed all last week.

I managed to bank several points yesterday as well, and spent my points a bit more wisely. Today looks to be a good day as well. I didn't get on the bike, but I have a lot of errands to run, including a trip to Costco. So while I won't get in an official workout, I will be moving around. No particular challenges for this weekend, thank goodness. We'll probably go out to eat after Ana's Spanish class on Saturday, because that's what we usually do, but I'll eat light for breakfast and lunch and I'll have some banked points to use. I'm really motivated because my sneak peek this morning was really good.

Have a great day and a terrific weekend.

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