Before bedtime hunger

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  • hello all, I would try the Kellogs cereal, the chocolate one if your in the mood for sweet, graham crackers and some milk will help you sleep. Good Luck!
  • I do a bowl of cereal and some unsweeted vanilla almond milk since it's only 35 calories per CUP! That is after I chug water b/c sometimes that's all your body is craving and has convinced you otherwise. If I need sweet, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Fiber One Brownies that are only 1 point if you are doing flex points and 3 points for points plus.
  • Pretzels You can have 42 of the pretzel sticks for 2 points, a huge bottle of water maybe an apple or some other fruit to go along with it if you're still hungry, but the pretzel sticks eaten slowly has worked for me.
  • for late night munchies I either have a Fiber One brownie or a bowl of peanut butter cheerios and light soy milk. works like a charm. Good luck with school. I admire people that can go at night.
  • Air-popped popcorn.
  • For me, I like to make a low calorie soup and have that. Usually its filled with broth, like trader joes miso soup, and it's warm and filling.
  • I really like a Greek Yogurt. The high protein keeps me full, and I'm not sleeping on complex carbs.