Old newbie...

  • Hey all!

    I've been a member of 3FC since 2007. I'll spare you details.

    My first go round with Weight Watchers I lost 60 pounds!!! Life happened and I stopped being so consistent with it back in 2009. Fast forward a couple of years and I'm ready to get back on! I have only gained about 12 pounds back ("only"? ha!). I need to lose about 45 more. The last time I was on WW, they didn't do the Points Plus stuff. So, I ordered a new set of points plus materials. My "official" start day was yesterday. Although, from Jan. 4 up until yesterday, I lost 6 pounds merely by watching what I was eating. I know that this week, I may not see a big loss - but one step at a time, yes?

    Weigh ins. HA! I have been an obsessive weigher for a while. I would weigh every single morning. Until, I realized that this was worse for me than just weighing once week. Most of the time, I'd see a loss on the scale each day and then on my "official" day, it would never fail, there'd be a slight gain from the previous day and it would make me feel so depressed. SO staring yesterday, I am ONLY weighing one time per week and that is on Friday. No cheating and sneaking a look at the scale.

    QUESTION!!!!! I noticed the weigh in thread. I also noticed there's been no activity on there since 12/20. Is there a new one that should be started? Or use that one?