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Default Shocked at how low my caloric intake is:

I eat 22 points a day and follow the older point system and I am totally shocked that on days that I only eat 22 pts my calories are FAR under the minimum of 1200 calories. What's that about? I'm starting to think that maybe this is t he reason WW switched over the PP since I'm sure people consume way more calories when fruit is free. Thoughts,debates and comments are welcome!
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I do PP and I count both calories and PP. I find that on a 29 PP day (that is eating all my PP and no weeklies) that the day -- including zero point fruit and veggies (but I'm not a big fruit eater) -- works out to about 1075 calories. I'm also losing slowly so plan to switch to 26PP next week with the new program revisions. That will cut it by about 100 calories a day. I do tend to eat about 20 to 25 of my weekly points so that adds 100 to 125 calories a day. Bottom line is that I average eating about 1100 calories a day and average about .7 pound loss a week.
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I do the old points plan with an eye towards calorie counting I seem to eat between 1200-1500 calories or so a high day 31 points and low 21points and so far I am down 15 in three months not fast but still losing. I also do 60 min of high cardio 6-7 days a week
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Not only is fruit and vegetables a source of variability in daily calorie averages, so is the "weekly" points, and the calories in the activity points (if WW still does activity points).

The old points work out to an average of about 50 calories per point, more if you're eating low fat, high fiber, and less if you're eating a lot of fat.

The "new" points are smaller, but fruit is now free.

It's very hard to compare the old point system to the new point system, because different people are going to use the systems differently. Some people may be eating more calories on the new system than they did or would have used on the old system, and some may eat less.

I don't think the change was made to increase the daily calorie count (especially since people who don't like fruit may actually be getting in fewer calories than on the old system).

I think the change was made to encourage people to eat more fruits and vegetables (and making them "free" will help some people choose them more often).

One thing to keep in mind is that Weight Watchers is a business selling a product. There's nothing worng with that, but you've got to remember that when they change the product there are a lot of possible reasons, and the new product isn't necessarily better than the previous one (such as when a cleaning product is advertised as "new and improved," the improvement may be a slightly different fragrance - not necessarily improved in cleaning power). This means that if the old plan works great for you, you don't have to feel that you have to change it, because the new plan will work better (it may or may not).

There's nothing wrong with following the old plan (except that if you go to meetings, it's a lot harder to participate in meetings actively, if you're not following the same plan as everyone else).

Personally, I think the most effective part of Weight Watchers has always been the meetings (and there's a good deal of support for that in the research. We've known for years that support groups help people make changes in their lives).
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One thing with the new revisions that I like is that you can set your Daily Points within a 3 pt range (the minimum is now 26 PP instead of 29 PP) and you can set your own WP. The program allows up to 49 WP but you can set it lower. I really like that change as it allows you to personalize the plan for what works for you.
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Does anyone still drink the water 7 or 8 a day?

I do not like water but I put two half lemons in the glass jug.I use glass I heard that plastic jugs is not good to use.
Now I also hear that tea or Crandberry without sugar can be counted as two of your glasses of 7 or 8 one should be drinking.
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Default Tea = water

Just wanted to add that I had this conversation with my personal trainer last year. It's apparently a big debate in that profession anyway. His suggestion was that of your recommended water intake, half needs to be actual water and the rest can be tea. This made it much easier for me to hit that 7-8 glasses. Which surely is better than the constant flow of diet soda I was drinking.

I'm also pretty surprised at how low my calories have been. I just checked randomly - this is my first week. My calories are in the 1200 calories/day range. When I was calorie counting, I would stress midday only having a few hundred calories left and feel like I was starving. This would generally lead to feelings of defeat and binge eating before bed. I'm surprised because I haven't been hungry at all, and generally go to bed with points left.

I'm very hopeful
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wholw heartedly agree. ivew been saying that for 15 yearsthats why when i used to help ppl get started@home id tell them not less than 25 no matter what the guidelines said to eat. its also a big reason im not a points believer.
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Old Points, 50 cal = 1 point (roughly). So 22 points ~1100 cal.

After you throw in (35/7 = 5) a daily allotment of weekly points that is 1350.
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